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Matri or patri-local? - Page 2

Poll Results: Where do you currently live?

  • 55% (38)
    My home country/culture
  • 26% (18)
    My dp's home country/culture
  • 10% (7)
    a third country/culture (not home to either)
  • 7% (5)
68 Total Votes  
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I voted MY home country, though DH has recently become a US citizen so technically it's both our country now!
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Very interesting poll!

DH and I are both Americans; he is Japanese-American and grew up in Hawaii. Nearly his whole extended family lives there. I am white and my family lives in Oregon/Washington. We live in Oregon right now, and probably will stay here or Washington for a long time.

We would love to move to Hawaii, but the cost of living there would kill us. It is astronomical. Also, my extended family is very small and I'm an only child. It would absolutely crush my mother if we moved so far away.

OTOH, DH's family is so big and wonderful, and I'm sad that DD doesn't get to have them in her day-to-day life. Plus, growing up hapa in Hawaii is pretty pretty normal, whereas on the mainland it's still seen as a little bit different/unusual.
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I'm Southern, dp is from California.

We live in California.
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Currently in my home country, although at different points we have done all of the above.

When dh and I met and married, we lived in his home country.

By the time dd was born, we were living in a third country.

When dd was about 2 months old, we moved to my home country, where we currently reside.
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My husband is Lebanese, I'm American, and we live in the US. He came to the US for education and stayed. If job opportunities were better in Lebanon, we would likely live there.

Like many Lebanese people living in the US, we think of moving to the Middle East, to UAE or Qatar to be closer to Lebanon. But, having both come from nominal democracies where the will of the people is at least given lip service, it doesn't appeal to us to make a home in a place where we have no say at all in how the country works.
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hmmm.. I went with Dh's home country, but I need to clarify:

I moved to the U.S in my early teens and it feels like home although I'm not a citizen. Most people assume I'm American because I am very much culturally assimilated and don't have an accent.

Dh was born and raised here.
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