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ugh summer cold

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I literally feel like i'm dying right now. DH came home from work yesterday feeling shakey and weak, with a swollen throat, and somehow I think i got the same thing. woke up this morning with a massive headache, feeling more exhausted than when i went to sleep, and even after eating breakfast, i can't stop shaking, and I can't seem to catch my breath. i think we both caught a summer cold or a throat infection of somekind, probably from constantly going from extreme hot to air conditioned goodness.

Is there anything I should avoid taking? I was just going to take 500 mg of Vit C + ecchinacea, along with some home-made ginger tea...but i'm not sure if that's ok. i'm really worried that being this sick is going to hurt the baby somehow; she hasn't moved much since i woke up.

sorry for the typos and lack ofcaps. i'm so tired
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poor mama! I think my son has a similar thing. He was complaining of a sore throat last night and still has one today with a sniffly nose. I pray I don't catch it!

I think what you are taking sounds fine. I remember back in the winter months someone mentioned a good herbal tincture made by Wishgarden herbs. They have a lot of great prego-safe tinctures for what ails you. I think also a really good postpartum recovery one too, if you have to make some sort of minimum order!

Put some fresh lemon in your water too!

Sending you healing vibes!
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Ugh, that's awful! I think what you're taking sounds fine... I took that this winter when I got sick. Definitely better than nothing too! You need to get better for your labor!
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Oh no! Being pg and sick is serious torture. Hope the worst of it is today!
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