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Twin birthday cake ideas??

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Hello ladies, I havne't been around for a while, but my guys are going to be 1 next month! I am making their cakes and would love to do something really fun with a twin-ish type theme. Anybody do anything that was really neat or have any ideas??
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Happy Birthday!

My girls turn one on Saturday and I'm in complete denial. I'm not even going to acknowledge their birthday. These are my last kiddos and I'm both sad they are growing up and hopeful that it will get easier.

Hope you come up with a good idea and everyone has a blast.
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We just celebrated our babies first birthday. At one point, before I became frazzled with all the party details, I did think about making a yin yang cakes. In theory I was going to use a round pan and imporvise the division. Good luck, and happy one year!
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Puzzle pieces.
Train and cars.
Caterpillar (with cupcakes forming 2 caterpillars)
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My mom made my boys each a cake shaped like a 1 (she cut pieces and fit them together to make it) and it looked like alphabet blocks stacked on top of eachother.
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ball and bat
cat and mouse
bread and butter
moon and star
sun and moon
their names spelled out in cupcakes
their first initials in contrasting colors
pictures cakes with their faces on them
cat and dog
I love the yin/yang idea!!!
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want2bemoms had a lot of great ideas!
I think even two simple cakes the same shape but different colors w/their names w/b nice.

This isn’t ‘twinish’ but last year my kids had a dog & cat party. Because I didn’t have time to decorate the cupcakes like I planned, I used candy molds and made dog bones, cat faces, fish bones, etc. and put one candy on top of each frosted cupcake. It was really easy and the kids loved it.

Their first birthday was safari themed. My cousin made the cakes and I thought they were beautiful - these photos are a little glary. http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/c...arly/CAKES.jpg

Actually I am supposed to be making their B-day cakes tonight but I am too tired!
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