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Just curious...

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I'm just wondering, do other babies wiggle like crazy while nursing, just before they go to sleep? Or is mine just a super wiggler?
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Some more than others, but all seem to go through a few phases where they wiggle while nursing. It can get pretty annoying, too: they'll be nursing, and then start pushing at you with their little feet and end up kicking themselves right off the breast! And then they get upset that someone took the breast away!

How old is your babe?
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my 10 week old is a super wiggler. it seems to be worse when he has gas or is over stimulated.
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My 9 month old dd always wiggles like crazy every night while nursing.

She lays with her chest on the bed, face turned towards the breast, with her butt up in the air and her feet flat on the bed. She bounces up and down like she is listening to music in her head, and sometimes pulls herself of the breast. Then she sits up and claps! This has been going on since she learned how to clap!

I finally learned at bed time to put her to sleep in the rocking chair then transfer to bed when she is asleep. I think the motion helps her, and since she is in my arms she can't wiggle as much, this also shortens the amount of time it takes to put her to sleep by atleast a half hour!
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Yeah wiggle-city over here. Sometimes I just have to hold him, facing away from me, and restrain his arms, and let him fuss/cry for a minute to get him to relax enough to lay still to nurse and fall asleep.

Its like wrestling a 25lbs alligator!
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My 2yo does this, and has from about 3 mos on. It seems to be his last hurrah before sleep takes over. Thank goodness for nursing, I don't know how I'd ever settle the pre-sleep wiggles without it! It seems to help to get a firm but gentle grip on the thigh closest to the mattress, to keep him from flipping over, and to try and keep his bottom arm in front of him, rather than behind him. That keeps his bottom down, and his body still long enough for him to relax and go to sleep. I'm not so sure about actually restraining him, I think if that were necessary, it would indicate (for my ds, anyway)that it wasn't pre-sleep wiggles, rather a lack of tiredness/ readiness for sleep.
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DH & I were just talking (& laughing) about it the other night. DS definitely does this, and we thought the same thing as Nanners - that is his last burst of energy before he goes to sleep. It cracks me up how much he can move while still staying latched on
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We call it Boobrobatics.
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Oh my word, I didn't know other babies did this too! I feel like I am insane and that my 8 month old daughter is insane. She scooches onto her belly while still latched, throws her bum in the air, occasionally pops off and grins at me with milk dripping down her chin. She will then grab at the boob in unrestrained joy. I can't help but laugh but I am sure I am setting myself up for issues later on. It IS always worse when she has gas or late at night. I have taken to the rocking chair at night too. But she still sometimes tries to get on her belly and wiggle while in my arms. Hope it's just a phase!
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Yes! my 9 mo does this. its funny and frustrating at the same time! he thrashes around like crazy. glad to know I'm not alone!!
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Originally Posted by nataliebojesen View Post
Hope it's just a phase!
Oh, it's totally a phase... a 2-3 year long phase...
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My ds is the same way, the close to sleep the more acrobatics he seems to require. He's getting bigger (21 months) so if he's really wiggling I take him off the breast and tell him no wiggling when nursing, sometimes he'll "nurse nice" and sometimes he'll roll away and wiggle to sleep. Who knows?
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Nursing my 8 month old down is like wrestling an alligator! OY!
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Originally Posted by Nanners View Post
We call it Boobrobatics.
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YES and it drives me nuts. She has also started kicking the wall and humming. Kicking the wall , Ok, but humming is strangely *dont make me out to be a sicko now* stimulating. I have to make her stop. And she pats my belly. All this at the same time. She has started to fight going to sleep the last 3 weeks or so.
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Originally Posted by MommaCrystal View Post
Nursing my 8 month old down is like wrestling an alligator! OY!

i call nursing 'wrestling the octopus' because there's no way that much flailling could come from just four limbs.

and to answer the op, yeah, he sometimes has a little 'last hurrah' of wiggling before dropping off to sleep,
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Nursing the octopus I love that! My daughter always gets super wiggly when she is sleepy and she always has, now that she is strong and acrobatic it is more like wrestling a giant squid.
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so. glad. I'm. not. the. only. one!!!!!!!!!

and I seriously am rolling on the floor laughing...okay, not really, but only because DD and DH are both asleep...so I'm silently rolling on the floor laughing.

My DD is sixteen weeks and yeah, nursing the octopus is a great description! I started swaddling her at about eight weeks and that...helps...but you would not BELIEVE how much motion this girl can manage while swaddled. DH calls it her "straitjacket" but it doesn't do much good...she still can move all over the bed, and up and down, and she can wiggle out of any of my swaddles, too; I have to hold her arms in.
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We had to resort to a Boppy swaddling blanket (the kind with velcro; we got it free from a friend of my parents) because keeping DS in a blanket swaddle is IMPOSSIBLE. And this is at five weeks. I can only imagine he'll become more and more adept at making Houdini-like escapes as he ages.

I'm a fairly competent swaddler, too... I started out swaddling my baby sister at the ripe old age of eight! He's just exceptionally good at wiggling. Everyone's got a gift, I guess.
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As always, it's so good to find out that I'm not the only one!

My LO is 11 months old, and has gotten increasingly wigglier as she gets older. She's recently learned how to push herself over into a sitting position from hands and knees, which has greatly complicated our nursing to sleep routine. Like others mentioned, she sticks her little bottom up in the air and wiggles it around, then pops herself off, and now she's added the sitting up part. This has made going to sleep at naps difficult (as in, not happening), so we've just re-instituted the rocking chair for nursing to sleep for naps. Fortunately at night we have a long-standing routine of nurse-wiggle-nurse to sleep.

Babies are SO funny!! Thanks for all the hilarious stories!
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