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Spread Firefox Download Day!!

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Hi everyone! I'm strangely giddy and geeked out about this, so I thought I'd post. I hope no one minds it being here - the only other place I could think of is activism, and somehow, I don't think that'd cut it. Lol.

The Mozilla Firefox team have just released Firefox 3, and are trying to set a world record of most downloads in one day.

No idea who they're competing against, or how you can really track that, but I think it's a cool project.

The new version is looking pretty good so far. There's a few nice things that I've been enjoying, like when you type an address into the bar that you've already been to, it also pops up with the title of that page.

So if you're interested, you can download it here:

You can also get yourself a little pdf certificate to print out for being part of the world record. Save it for posterity. Or for kicks 10 years from now. Lol.

Geek love!
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Thanks for posting. I love Firefox. I hadn't even heard about version 3.
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I already downloaded it earlier today.

I am a little disappointed that some of the add-ons aren't working, and my theme looks different. But I still firefox.
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Sorry, not a joiner. I'll try it another day
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Oooh thanks for the reminder!
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I love Firefox! I was just thinking tonight as I looked at the differences in how Firefox and Explorer display my website - "I don't like Explorer.". I like Firefox
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You know what's cool about this new version? You get to see more text when you hover your mouse over a thread title!
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I didn't realize 3 came out today. Woot! Off to upgrade.
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My computer tech husband did not mention this.
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I'm upgraded! It's kinda different, but good! I like it.
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i just did it. i dont like the big grey fatty bar thing on the top of my screen all bubbly and fat, but i bet thats something i can customize at some point when i feel like it. otherwise, i am clueless thus far what is so cool...
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Sweet! I don't know why but our firefox has been a little wonky lately ( as in not responding frequently). Hopefully this will be better!!!
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I agree that the menu bars at the top are a little.... bulbous. I'll probably be finding a new skin in the next few days, if I can. I typically run on a laptop and just don't have the real estate.

I DO like that it's faster, FF2 was getting a little sluggish for me as well, though I must admit that I've got some plugins and that was probably the root cause. I think FF3 deals with them a little better.

And while I do like the Title of the page showing up in the address bar dropdown, it also takes up a lot of space. But I think it's pretty convenient when I'm say, searching for a particular thread that I KNOW I visited earlier.
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Got it! Thanks!!

I can't see the cursor, though as I type this in the box. Weird.
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Oddly enough I just downloaded it on Friday for our Imac which of course was version 2.

So I just downloaded 3 but now am baffled which version I am using.

How do I know if I am working in the new or old version? Anyone?
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Originally Posted by ScotiaSky View Post
Oddly enough I just downloaded it on Friday for our Imac which of course was version 2.

So I just downloaded 3 but now am baffled which version I am using.

How do I know if I am working in the new or old version? Anyone?
In the menu bar, go to Help>About, and it'll pop up with a window with that information.

Also, try typing something in the address bar. If there's a lot more info than you're used to seeing, this is probably FF3.
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i dont like how firefox makes myspace pages look. some of the people i know have alot of blinkies, and for some reason with firefox it makes the page all wide and stuff!
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It's not so much that firefox doesn't display them correctly, it's that most of the myspace pages are written for IE. IE has a lot of wonky and proprietary coding styles and technically firefox renders "correctly." So, bad programmers on the myspace end, rather than it being a problem with firefox.

But I totally agree that sometimes they're just unreadable on firefox, and it's a pain in the neck. I use the browser to get rid of ads on some of those more obnoxious pages (I disable adblock on MDC) so I just don't visit those pages where it doesn't render. It's not worth the headache, quite literally sometimes. Flashing things will often set off a migraine for me, and I think it's handy to be able to hit "escape" and have everything freeze. (I think this trick works in IE, too, though!)
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I think I am using FF3.

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I downloaded yesterday! I like it!
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