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How to Shake a Headache without Meds...?

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I got very little sleep last night but even after napping today, I'm suffering from an awful headache. Unsure if it is sinus or stress or what but I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to deal with a headache without meds? I tried warm compresses...

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I can't remember where I heard this, but if you put your feet in a bowl of really hot water, the blood is supposed to rush from your head to your feet and it relieves the pressure. Same idea with a cold wash cloth on your head.
I am pregnant too and I have had horrible headaches for the last four days. I think other expecting mommies were discussing this on another thread. Maybe it's a pregnancy symptom.
Anyway, I hope they stop for you soon!
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I have a headache too! But I think I can point the finger at shoulder tension...

that said, I did find that I needed in increase my calcium earlier in this pregnancy (I'm 19 weeks) as I was getting headaches all the time. Not enough calcium can cause muscle tension. 1000 mg more a day really seemed to help. It is important to balance calcium with magnesium, though - approx. 2 calcium to 1 magnesium.

Yoga is good, too- and excercise in general.

hope this helps

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I have NO idea if this is even an option.
It may sound crazy but... oral sex will usually take care of a headache.
I'm not kidding either. My chiro. fiancee told me about it from a class he had while in school. (yah yah, he would tell me that, being a guy and all, but it has never been an issue with us)

I hope your headache goes away.
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I've found that when I have a sinus headache that is turning up a notch into a migraine, a little bit of caffeine will bring it back to bearable. I have maybe half a cup of Coca Cola and it takes the edge off. I don't think it's too bad to have a little caffeine once in a while since I normally don't have any.
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These are the things that work for me...
1. B-vitamin supplments
2. if sinus--hot shower to clear the sinuses, then get out and put an icepack on the back of your neck to numb the nerves
3. a chiropractic adjustment almost always alleviates tension for me
4. a strong cup of coffee followed by lots of water--I tend to get headaches when I don't drink enough water!
5. Fresh Air! A Good Walk!
6. Lay on the floor with your legs bent (to flatten your back against the floor) and put a rolled-up towel under your neck to force the muscles to relax.
Hope you get some relief soon, I know how debilitating headaches can be
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There are many reasons for headaches, often if you go to sleep and wake up with the same headache you can be pretty sure that it is hormonally related (I get these occasionally and they suck). Chiropractic is the only thing that works for me. Obviously with all of the ligament changes we are all going through it is very easy to get out of allignment and in turn causing muscles to tighten. A chiropractic adjustment can be so helpful, your headache could even be coming from a misallignment in your low back! It is really important to put something in our stomachs every 2 to 3 hours so that we don't get headaches related to low blood sugar as well. HA's can even be related to dehydration. I liked the B-vitamin solution above as well, also likely related to blood sugar metabolism issues, although most of us should be getting plenty in our pre-natals. Yes, CA and Mg also can alliviate muscle tension (if you get cramps or twitching you are surely deficient or imbalenced). It is true that Caffeine can often ward off a Migraine if caught in time. If you are getting HA's often, try and keep a food journal and notice what you are eating before you get a HA, looking for a pattern. YOu can do this for other symptoms as well...you would be amazed! Many people have hidden food allergies/insensitivities and this may be aggrevated by your pregnancy! HOpe some of this helps.
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My husband and I usually get headaches when we is in need of a chiro. adjustment. However, both of us have found non-med. relief almost instantly even w/o an adjustment by alternately placing a hot rice sock on top of our head and neck. The rice sock is a simple thing: a tube sock filled with plain white rice (the cheapest in the store). Tie the open end in a knot, so that you can add more rice as the sock stretches, or empty it to wash the sock. Heat the sock for two or three minutes on high in the microwave, or until it's as hot as you want it. It will stay hot for about twenty to thirty minutes, depending on how hot you make it. It's so effective, my dh can often relieve an intense headache w/o any aspirin, which he has never been able to do in the past. It also works for relieving sinus headaches.
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Peppermint tea...

Great ideas so far, especially wrt chiro. adjustments and hot rice packs. I put a little lavender in mine and refresh it with Lavender EO as well. Once when I was weaning form coffee I replaced it with VERY strong peppermint tea and found it very helpful.

All that said I had a doozy today and broke down and took 2 aspirin, 2 acetaminophen and a cup of black tea. Much better now. I do hate taking meds but I do it so rarely...like maybe once every couple months I figure that's not too bad. There are several homeopathics for headaches as well but they are pretty specific and the help of a homeopath would be best.
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Whew folks....thanks for the great suggestions!! I wasn't able to get back on-line that night to get responses but I found a warm compress across my eyes and across the back of my neck, because it felt a bit like a tension headache as well, helped enough to put me in a deep sleep.

I will try to remember all of these suggestions if my head is pounding again...the calcium and stuff makes sense and of course the caffeine is always helpful I agree with the eating suggestion too because I've been concerned about fluctuating blood sugar, but I eat CONSTANTLY...and I mean CONSTANTLY! I'm famished 24/7 and my MD has been monitoring sugar in my urine which has been fine so that may not be it. But it's good to know it could be within the realm of possibilities and my worries are not without merit.

Katt...was your recommendation that I be on the receiving or giving end....? Unfortunately with the nausea I'm feeling now, being on the giving end would probably not work if you know what I mean...!!

I'm going to try to go to a pre-natal yoga class this Sunday if I can get passed the nausea I'm feeling...I know that will help all muscles as well.

Thanks again for all your help...nice to know there are others out there who are experiencing the same thing and are willing to help!!

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peppermint is the best!

i have had great luck with peppermint, and also my husband always uses it. it works best when you just begin to feel a headache coming on.
there are various peppermint oil aromatherapy products out there--i like one called "peace of mind" made by origins, a brand you can find in better department stores. it costs $10 a bottle and lasts for several months. it is essentially a lotion with pure peppermint oil in it. you just rub a dab into your temples, and/or across your forehead and it will usually stop the headache from coming.
you can also buy peppermint essential oil at a natural foods store and just put a little lotion in your palm and mix in a few drops of the oil, and then use it.
just make sure to wash your hands thouroughly afterwards and DO NOT GET ANY IN YOUR EYES!!!
we have been using this for years instead of aspirin or anything. good luck!
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