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It really doesn't matter what you say. If someone wants to find fault, they will find fault.
That's it in a nutshell. I've been in a variety of step situations. My husband's ex-wife despises me and I can do/say no right. OTOH, my kids former SM and I got along famously. Occasionally, one of us got angry at the other, but in general, we gave each other the benefit of the doubt. The new SM-to-be (third SM for my kids; their dad is quite the serial monogamist) dislikes me for some unknown reason (truly unknown since ex-h and I have been divorced for going on a dozen years and have no ill-feelings toward each other anymore), so we'll be doing that fun game (the whole mom vs. sm thang that I love so dearly .

If I had my, never mind. Wish in one hand and all that. It's best, as a SM, to keep one's mouth shut. It's best, as a mom, to communicate directly with the dad. 'Nuf said.