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my dd1 quit napping when she quit nursing to sleep... 6 months ago

i do not even try to rest. if i get in the mindset to be going going going until dh gets home, i feel better about how the day goes... and get a huge thrill if they are both quiet and content for a half hour AT THE SAME TIME.

dd2 sleeps til 9 or 10, so i sleep in with her on weekends when dh can get up with dd1
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I know exactly how you feel. I am going through the same things plus the stomach issues too. I have had to break her latch whenever I hear gulping, changed bottle to the ones with the bags (not sure if you ever giver your baby bottles), tried changing diets, etc.

I know this is odd... but my dd will actually vomit everything up when I burp her so I don't burp her now unless she seems in distress. I also am careful not to stimulate her for a little while after a feeding... she vomits when she gets stares at the TV, stuffed animals, moves around too much, etc. These changes have dramatically reduced the stomach issues for dd.
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