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labor playlist???

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hey everyone~
congrats on the new babes, and blessings on those of us still waiting! as one of my last "to-do"s before the babe, i am gathering music to have on during the birth-- only i need some inspiration! anyone have any suggestions?

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My mom and I have been discussing this...
when she had me, she had some nice classical (relaxing) music for labor, but the 1812 Overature for pushing. The cannons are a nice touch.

I keep thinking about just using what's currently on my Ipod, and I get the giggles really bad whenever I think about Whip It, by Devo.
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I really used music to help set an atmosphere for the birth. It all depends on your tastes, of couse. I was going for a spiritual, sacred kind of vibe.

Deva Premal's chants are ultra grounding and meditative.

Chris Rice has a song called Let the Words Escape that will fill you with such love and longing for your baby that it's bound to remind you why you're doing this in those tough moments. He has another song called Love is Going to Break Through that is similarly moving. Both can be downoaded from iTunes (same with Deva Premal's music).
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I plan on listening to a compliation cd I made of various Christian artists... Worship songs, mostly slow...

I also added Enya on there... I'd REALLY like to listen to that cd... OK BABY!??
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DH has a CD by a Swedish artist called Sigur Ros called Svefn-G-Englar...there are only 4 tracks and most of the time, I have no idea what the singer is saying, but it's very organic music. That's on my MP3 along with lots of Loreena McKennit, a Canadian new age artist.
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I listen to mostly reggae, and that's pretty much all I have on my ipod....but I also have some yoga cd's from my yoga teacher that I need to put on my ipod as well. They will put me in that "get with your breath and go within" mode! Thanks for the reminder!
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My friends husband made a birth mix for the both of us (we have th same due date) that has a lot of the Cranberries on it and also a bunch of independent bands that have mellow music.

A friend jokingly suggested salt and peppa's "push it" for the pushing phase, which made me chuckle.

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I made a list of my favorite songs for DH to put on his Ipod in a labor playlist for me. I'm not sticking with just melow music, pretty much just anything that makes me feel good. It's mostly pop and oldies, lots of beatles and Cat Stevens and then just random "feel good" hits like Hey there Delilah
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Originally Posted by Ooey View Post
I made a list of my favorite songs for DH to put on his Ipod in a labor playlist for me. I'm not sticking with just melow music, pretty much just anything that makes me feel good. It's mostly pop and oldies, lots of beatles and Cat Stevens and then just random "feel good" hits like Hey there Delilah
Yeah, that's basically my take on labor music... a random mish-mash of my favorite songs... so lots of the Beatles! Some Cole Porter, Billie Holiday, Etta James, 90s grunge bands, 80s pop, lots of swing, some railroad blues, anything that makes me feel like swaying my hips.
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I actually don't make a music play list. I guess you could say I make my own "soundtrack" lol.

I find that what I like to listen to/find soothing when not in labour is *not* what helps during labour. I have a hard time concentrating w/ a lot of noise at the best of times, so I go w/out music. One less thing on my to do list, I guess.
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pretty much just anything that makes me feel good
This is me. I've put together lots of reggae, jazz, and other tunes that make me smile inside. I also checked out a couple of yoga/meditation cd's from the library in case I feel like something like that.
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I made 2 playlists... one of relaxing music that I use for yoga and another of my all time favorite songs. I figure each will be good for different times during the labor.
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I made 1 list of slow, relaxing songs and instrumentals... another list of fast paced upbeat songs that I usually clean to... and finally a "transition/pushing" list of mainly praise & worship and uplifting songs.

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My playlist- it really helped me focus through some of the contractions. And the staff at the birth center really liked it, too.

Wishing For You / Gintaré
Verdi Cries/ 10,000 Maniacs
Lorelei / Cocteau Twins
Plainsong / The Cure
This Woman's Work / Kate Bush
The Circle Game / Joni Mitchell
Angel Mine / Cowboy Junkies
Innocent When You Dream (Barroom) / Tom Waits
Face to Face / Siouxsie and the Banshees
Bonny Swans / Loreena McKennitt
Later / Gintaré
When I Go / Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Gentle Arms of Eden / Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Hold On / Tom Waits
Sons Of / Judy Collins
Little Green / Joni Mitchell
Fade Into You / Mazzy Star
Who's Gonna Shoe / Abigail Washburn
Bookends / Simon & Garfunkel
how it ends/ Devotchka
Catch The Wind / Donovan
Baby I Love You / The Ronettes
Kathy's Song [Live] / Simon & Garfunkel
The Mummers' Dance / Loreena McKennitt
Animal Farm / The Kinks
Here Comes The Sun / Beatles
The Poet Acts / Philip Glass, Michael Riesman With The Lyric Quartet
Don't Worry Baby/ Beach Boys
The Big Sky / Kate Bush
Guilty / Gintaré
The Boxer / Simon & Garfunkel
God Only Knows (Stereo Mix)/ The Beach Boys
New World / Bjork
The Hours / Philip Glass, Michael Riesman With The Lyric Quartet
Carolyn's Fingers/ Cocteau Twins
Jackie's Strength/ Tori Amos
And Dream Of Sheep / Kate Bush
Ariadne / Dead Can Dance
All Souls Night / Loreena McKennitt
Lies / Stan Rogers
Don’t Give Up / Peter Gabriel
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / The Smiths
Queen of the Surface Streets / Devotchka
Tonight, Tonight / Smashing Pumpkins
Hold On / Sarah McLachlan
Street Spirit (Fade Out)/ Radiohead
Dead Things / Philip Glass, Michael Riesman With The Lyric Quartet
Hold On to Me Babe / Tom Paxton
Don't be Shy / Cat Stevens
Watching You Without Me / Kate Bush
Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was / Radiohead
The Morning Fog / Kate Bush
Blackbird / The Beatles
Dearly departed / Devotchka
Cloudbusting / Kate Bush
Trouble / Cat Stevens
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her [Live] / Simon & Garfunkel
My Father / Judy Collins
Tom Traubert's Blues / Tom Waits
Into Dust / Mazzy Star
Galapogos / Smashing Pumpkins
The River, Where She Sleeps / Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
The Sounds Of Silence [Live] / Simon & Garfunkel
Silence / Delerium
Halo/ Abigail Washburn
Let Down / Radiohead
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I had a four hour playlist on my ipod that I wanted to listen to while in labor. Hah! There was no time. Thinking back, I would have probably wanted it turned off. I found all of the noise around me to be bothersome.

We did turn on the music after Ansel was born and we were spending some family time together getting to know him before we left the birth center. It was really nice to listen to it at that point, so I was glad we had it even though we didn't use it during labor.

Some of the music:
Nora Jones
Ravi Shankar
David Sylvian
Brian Eno
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suzysprite--that's a great playlist.

I listened to Loreena Mckennitt and Dead Can Dance for this last birth, which I've always felt were both very spiritual in sound, but now...
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