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Easy recipes for camping?

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Hello Mommas,

I am in search of a few tasty ideas and inspiration for our upcoming camping trip - lunch, dinner or b'fast. We will have a cooler. Will greens last in it? (I am a salad lover). Thanks!
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I like to use this site

Chuckwagon diner.

It has some good stuff. Have fun!
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What cooking methods do you have access to? What cooking tools will you be able to take with?
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Since you are taking a cooler, I will assume you are car camping. I have not figured out how to get away from zip lock bags for camping yet. We also boat camp... we spend 90% of our day playing pretty hard out on the water, hiking the trails. This looks like TONS of food, but it is not that much for our family of 5 plus my 17 year old cousin and his friend... who we always take on these trips.

Our basic camping foods for a week. Freeze your entrees.. that way there will be less room wasted in your cooler.

dinners... in reverse order of eating.
Grilled chicken and fried zucchini (we use thighs) in teriyaki.. whatever you like.. I make it zip it together and freeze. chop the zuc and zip together with a 1/2 stick of sliced butter.. all ready to dump in pan, can be cooked over the fire.. burnt is good..
Chili, premade and frozen served with salad and cast iron cornbread cooked over the fire.
Spaghetti and salad.. make your sauce and freeze it, bring pasta uncooked and cook it on either your camp stove or the fire pit. (some people put the sauce and pasta together... I have a LO that will not eat it all mixed up.)
taco salad... usually done from raw turkey, fritos (hey it is the only time I eat fritos) kidney beans, onion, and seasoning..fry it all up, and make a green salad... dressing is green chili sauce and sour cream. (this is my favorite dinner out camping, and you can cook the protein up ahead and freeze)
Grilled chicken this time marinade in bernstein's Italian dressing and frozen.
Steak and salad easy peasy...
and of course one night of hot dogs...:

Lunches are generally pb and Js by the end of the week,bagels and cream cheese and deli meats and cheese in the first part. Celery and Peanut butter, carrots and ranch...

breakfast every morning, cowboy up!

pre boil about five pounds of red potatoes... cool and chunk them up. portion them out 2 breakfasts at a time in a ziplock.
chop two sweet onion, portion out and add to zip with potatoes
FREEZE the onion and pots.. add green peppers, chilies, zuc, or not to the potato and onion.

chop bacon or sausage and freeze in daily portions.

Eggs... about 5 dozen eggs lasts us a week.

Fry the breakfast meat till cooked, add pot and onion, cook until onions are done, add eggs (usually 10) Top with shredded cheese or not.

Fruit, we usually go through a watermelon and a cantaloupe a day, I bring 10 mangoes...and they get eaten. Whatever fruit you want.

Of course chips,cookies, water, soda, beer, wine, juice....

I start meal prep for our camping trips in the month before we leave... that way the costs are spread out a bit more.

I just looked at everything we eat out camping... no wonder my kids love these trips.
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