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: Congratulations!!! Post pictures when you get a chance.
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My babies never nurse on my left side. I force it for the first six weeks and then give up. Every single baby of mine has rejected it.
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Congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy your babymoon.

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congrats! can't wait to hear the whole story!!!
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Congrats! I had the same nursing situation with two of mine. I found that the way I was holding my baby on one side was uncomfortable in some way for them. So, when I worked with a few adjustments along the way, it eventually worked out and they liked both sides equally. Hope that helps!

Glad you are both doing well!
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Congratulations on your baby boy!

I'm glad to see some nursing feedback from people; I hope that helps.

I'm also glad that you "won" the negotiation about circumcision. It's so nice that both you and your little boy are spared from going against your instincts/deepest wishes at such a special time of getting to know each other. Just being able to welcome him to the world must be so nice!
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Congratulations and welcome to your new little one! :
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Congratulations!!! How wonderful!
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Yay, congratulations!
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congrats mama!
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Congratulations on the birth, BFing, and no-circing!!
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Both of mine didn't like the left either. They'd only nurse the left on occasion during a growth spurt or something when the right was completely out for a little while!

It just means you'll be a little lopsided for a couple of (I'm guessing) years, but don't worry, a year or so after you wean they'll become relatively close to the same size again, and be equally floppy!

Enjoy your babymoon! I am so glad you didn't circ! Yay for intact baby boys!
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Aiden!!! Congratulations Mama!!!!!!!
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