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I did it!!!!

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Canceled our huge cable package today. Now we are just going by internet and I'm getting a Netflix account.

Savings of ~$100 per month!!!! Woohoo!!!!

What am I going to do without CNN in the mornings though???? hahah

Wish us easy withdrawals!
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Oh how wonderful! Yay you!

Happy withdrawal vibes for you.

(You can still do CNN, just do it at the computer. Or better yet, sip your morning cuppa and watch the birds and remember that the talking heads don't know everything. )
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Our morning routine since Aislinn has been born included nursing in the recliner while catching up on the news, then coffee and computer time.

So much time wasted on TV. Now I just need to cut back on computer time...
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I want to do that so badly. My husband would cease to function without ESPN though. I can't stand it. Good for you though! 100 dollars a month in your pocket!
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That's great! It is very liberating but scary at the same time. I went through major withdrawls when we got rid of the TV (started off getting rid of cable) but now things are so much nicer and peaceful in the home. Well, as peaceful as it can be with 3 very loud and active kids.
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