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Brands of milk from grass-fed cows

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What are some brands of milk that use grass-fed cows? I don't need raw (I still need to convince DH of that one...plus, it'd be an actual road trip), but I would at least like to try grass-fed pasteurized.

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After doing some checks at my grocery store, I found that their own brand of organic milk (HyVee, but actually rebranded Kalona, iirc) is non-homogenized and pasteurized and they do say that the cows are grass fed. THey're probably not 100% grass fed though.

My goal was to find non-homogenized milk and this one just happens to also be VAT pasteurized.

So if you have a HyVee near you, their organic milk isn't crazy pricey ($3.50 or so a half gallon) and it seems to be minimally processed.

A lot of folks here get Organic Valley milk too. That one is homogenized though. THey do have cream that's only pasteurized (not ultra pasteurized).
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These two might only be available in NJ/NY, but Ronnybrook and Skytop farms are both pasteurized, non-homogenized, from grass-fed cows.
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Organic Valley sells non homogenized whole milk too in quart sizes, but I only see it in health food stores. I have also noticed that Organic Valley is pastuerized in health food stores but in regular stores it is ultra- pasteurized (and comes with the easy pour spout).

I don't know where your at, but here in Portland, OR we have Noris milk by a local guy who supplies most of the natural food stores around here. It is pasture fed cows, organic, non homogenized and only flash pastuerized and comes in reusable glass bottles and OH SO YUMMY!!!
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In the Northeast we get Natural by Nature brand, which is grass-fed. They also make awesome ricotta.
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I'll look for some of these. I'm in Dallas so I'm not sure how successful I'll be, but it never hurts to try.
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We can get Strauss here in NM (it comes from CA). It's organic, not homogenized, and grass fed. I never bought the milk (we're dairy-free here now, so I won't be trying it), but the butter and cream were heavenly!
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Strauss milk is awesome! So is Clover (also located in Nor CA.)

I'm in Portland now so I was getting Noris until I switched to raw. I used to buy Clovervale and occasionally Organic Pastures (not that I would buy OP anymore) and this raw milk is the BEST milk I have ever had. And I don't even like to drink milk that much.
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Check out this creamery in the Pacific Northwest. I'm thinking about using them from now on... I can't really afford to buy raw... it's $14 a gallon here

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If you can't get fluid milk, you might have better luck finding milk products from grass fed cows - yogurt, cheese. I think Seven Stars yogurt is distributed nationally, and there are a lot of artisan cheeses from grass fed cows.
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