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Well, I'll try.

The problem is, life is kind of a disturbing psychological experience at times.

Can a person who can't tolerate images of animated pandas fighting really get by in life? Can you drive in heavy traffic? Keep your head if your kid is bleeding and needs your help? Hold your own in a dispute? Survive as a single parent?

Could you be a surgeon if you were so inclined? A nurse? A police officer? A prison guard? A high school teacher? Can you hold a job at all?

I think there's a difference between not caring for a certain genre and simply being unable to deal with it. If your childhood experiences are so guarded that you never develop the emotional and psychological maturity to deal with life then that's a problem. I don't know if you feel that this applies to your case or not. But I would certainly worry about my own child if I kept her so limited that popular kids films caused her fear and anguish.
Ok, see my edit above for more. I think you would have to be very life limiting to actually make your child scared of pretend wrestling scenes. I think usually the innate sensitivity is what causes the reaction. In my case my sensitivity is sky-high to movies depicting human suffering because of my degree of empathy and compassion coupled with a huge imagination. These are also traits that make me a good RN