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Sweet Cheeks

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Has anyone tried Sweet Cheeks? I was noticing they have free shipping and they look well made, but I was hoping to find a veteran to help me make my decision. She does offer starter kits and packs of one dipe to try them out so if no one answers I may just try them and report back.
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I would not recommend them. Her diapers are two layers of flannel and then you have to lay liners in them for the absorbancy. The elastic is also sewn on the layer against baby's skin and therefore, the elastic is against baby's skin. I think there are better diapers out there for the price. I have never tried one, but, www.babybunz.com carries an inexpensive flannel fitted that gets pretty good reviews.
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Thanks for the feedback. The ones on your link look almost exactly like the ones I made for dd when she was in diapers. I still have the ones like that, but I was hoping to find some cute ones that I could put under the wool soakers I've knitted that don't have to be pinned. I'm not a big fan of the snappi either so it's gonna be snaps or velcro for me. I'm also looking for quick drying this time so I was thinking the pocket style might be good, especially since I have so many great CPFs.
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