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I just want to say hi!

I had a today This will be our second baby. We had a baby girl in Nov 2006.

My EDD is March 3rd.

I hope more people come out of lurk dome.

Here's to a H&H 9 months.
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It is good to have some company on the March 2009 board! I am due March 1, so we are very close!
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Nice to meet you.

My EDD is VERY estimated... I was charting - but my chart was all over the place. It's more realistic to say that my EDD is Feb 28 to March 5th...
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Congrats! My EDD is 3/6.
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Hi Kessed! I'm not really sure of my EDD. I ovulated on CD12, and based on that my due date is March 2, but I told the nurse over the phone when my last period was and she said my due date was March 4. Not a big difference, and I know they don't know when I ovulated, but either way, you and I are very close!!
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