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Originally Posted by Susannah M View Post
First of all, thank you so much for responding! I truly appreciate it :
I am so glad that it has helped you, but I would imagine that it would have been traumatic to have received it by force.
I have a few questions for you if you wouldn't mind answering them
1 - Do you know how long you were asleep from the medication?
2 - Did they allow anyone you know to go in the room with you?
3 - About how long were you disoriented? Were you allowed to have a loved one in the recover room?
4 - How long do you think the treatment affected your short term memory?
5 - Do you know if they would have done the ECT as out patient therapy if you had not already been in the hospital?
Thanks so much again for your response

1- I never really timed it, was too ill, but I think it was only 5-10 minutes or so that I was asleep for. I was all done and dusted well within an hour back to the ward.

2-There was only ever a nurse who escorted me into the procedure room, though I see no reason why a loved one could not be there until you went to sleep.

3- I was only disorientated on waking and probably the next 5 minutes, then I became aware of where I was and what had happened. I never had my husband with me as he was never there when they did the ECT and I can't remember but I have a feeling other people did have their loved ones with them in the recovery room.

4- The short term memory loss seemed very much what had happened the few hours previously. I guess some of the memory loss could well be due to the psychosis as I can't remember events leading up to me being admitted. But I do know I forgot conversations I had just an hour before the ECT which is why I would tell my sister things I wanted to remember so she would tell me when I got back.

5- All the other people who were there for ECT were out-patients.

I hope this helps, I just wish I could remember more for you :
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Originally Posted by DharmaDisciple View Post
I hope this helps, I just wish I could remember more for you :
Thank you, thank you, thank you :
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