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So, apparently my "nesting" has reached new heights, as I've become interested in something I swore I never would: cooking family meals.

But, because this is new to me, I need some nice sisterly help in getting used to this. I'm a Iowan/German/red-meat-and-diary kind of person, he's a off-an-on vegetarian. I want as many good (but simple) cookbook rec. as I can find that is basically a whole foods diet. Something that doesn't exclude diary/wheat/meat/etc, but has an emphasis on whole grains, low/no sugar, healthy oils/fats. I've always done the whole grains/organic thing... but now need a good site/book on sprouted/soaked grains. I'd like to make all of the family food from scratch (or at least try, while I'm still inspired), by just making "better versions" of things we already eat.
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In keeping with the DDC Guidelines, I am moving this to nutrition and good eating.
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How to Cook Everything/ HTCE: Vegetarian are my two favorite cook books. Both by Mark Bittman. Wonderful. Simple. Easy. Delicious!
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My current favorite cook book is Great Food Fast by Martha Stewart.
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My favorite whole foods cookbook is La Leche League's Whole Foods for the Whole Family.
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I love Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. I've cooked so many things out of it and really have had many great meals as a result. I've given this book as gifts several times, as its emphasis on fresh/whole foods is good for everyone!
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