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ANY providers in Eastern Pennsyvania deliver breech???

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I am just trying to get ready and explore my options. I am 34 weeks pregnant with a breech baby. Yes, I am doing all kinds of alternative interventions to get her to turn. Yes, I will try a version in a few weeks. BUT, the biggest concern I have is that my wonderful, homebirth midwife has informed me that not only will she not deliver my baby at home, I would have to have a c-section. She says, and others agree, that there are NO providers in this area who will attempt a vaginal delivery of a breech baby on a first time mom. I have asked around in the alternative birthing community here, and everyone confirms that. I feel like I am being screwed. My baby is a healthy frank breech, soon to be full term. I would be willing to deliver in a hospital or birthing center. I can't believe I am being deprived of options. I have been told I could search the Amish community nearby for a lay midwife. I wouldn't know where to begin. Any body know an old midwife or OB within an hour of Philadelphia who would be willing to deliver my baby if she remains breech?
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I would think there are some out there. I know of quite a few here in my area that will, but I'm in Michigan. Wanna come here for a month?!?!

I would think that calling around to other MWs should turn something up. I can't believe your MW won't do it. The MWs around here seem to think it's safe and natural. Do you know how to find more MWs in your area? If not let the boards know & someone will help. This might be best posted on the Homebirth Boards.

Want to read some breech vaginal stories to give your mind info? Some are hospit








Edited to add a short listing of homebirth MW in PA. Don't know if they're in E.PA though.


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Have you also posted this in the Pennsylvania Finding Your
Tribe forum??? If not I suggest doing so, so local moms can
see your thread!
Good luck
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I'm not sure if they would deliver a breech baby, but you may want to try my midwivery group - Penn Ob-Gyn/Midwivery Care. They deliver at Pennsylvania Hospital, in Philadelphia. There are about 10 midwives, and they are FABULOUS. Again, not sure if they would be able to help you, but it's worth a call. The number is (215) 829-8000.

Good luck!
Caren, due 11/4/03
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Forgot to mention... you may also want to try the Bryn Mawr Birth Center. A friend of mine had both her kids there and it's apparently wonderful! It's probably 30 minutes from Philly.

Good luck!
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I would definitely look into the midwives that serve the Amish. Have you tried birthpartners.com or midwifeinfo.com? They both have directories.

Also, if you're interested, I can post this to a midwife email list I'm on with your contact info. PM me your email address if you're interested.
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The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr refers mothers for c-sections for breech babies. I don't know of anyone in the area who does vaginal breech.

I think your best bet would be a lay midwife doing homebirth.
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