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Clever ideas to RRR paperboard

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Help! my local recycler does not recycle paperboard products (cereal boxes, beer bottle carriers etc). What do you all do with yours?
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can some of it be composted? Not sure, but I thought I heard somewhere that it could. But, it seems like the inks wouldn't be good for the garden? Maybe one of the people in the Diggin in the Earth link would know.

We are in a pilot program in our city that recycles paperboard, but apart from this program, paperboard isn't being recycled here either. I am so glad we are able to recycle it.
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I save cereal boxes (and other similar shaped boxes) for mailing photos or other papers I don't want crushed during transit. I cut out two pieces of the box, put the paper or photo between them and then tape around the edges. Then I put it in an envelope and mail. Eventually, it will still end up in the garbage, but I feel like at least I reused it once.

I also use cereal boxes to make "books" with my DS. He loves to make books using two pieces of the paperboard as covers. You can either staple them together with some paper, or punch holes through them and tie everything together with some yarn. Let him draw on the covers and write the title and your child's name as the author. I'll be saving all of these forever!

Can you reuse the beer carriers for silverware at picnics or buffets? I don't know if they'd hold metal silverware, but I reuse our plastic silverware when we host family get togethers and a carrier might hold them.

How about using the carrier to hold colored pencils, markers, paintbrushes?
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Thanks for the ideas,. I had though about composting them I will have to look into the inks. I have been contemplating getting a second non-garden composter going just to throw the degradable but possibly not garden worthy items in. Just to reduce waste. I love the books idea! Thanks!
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I save & shred cardboard products for my wormies(vermicomposting). They love it! I also on occasion will use some in my regular compost. My girls also craft with TP rolls, cereal/klennex boxes etc to make buildings/houses for a city. We are always looking for ways to reuse something in a new way. Coming up with the different ideas is half the fun!
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