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Jealousy in open relationships

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Someone said to me that if you are jealous you shouldn't be in an open relationship. what do you think about that?
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We are working towards an open relationship so I don't know this firsthand...but I thought that jealousy is a normal feeling in any relationship. And as you are in different stages or points in your open relationship that it is normal to feel some jealousy. It gives you a chance to work through those feelings on your own or with your partner(s).

There are couples on the poly thread who feel jealousy in their relationships, and are told to just ride it out.
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Enh. I'm a fairly jealous person. The fact that I feel something doesn't have to change what I do. They are different axis. I have been in poly relationships and I have been in monogamous relationships. I didn't feel less jealous in the monogamous relationships. I'm just like that. But I don't restrict my partner(s) based on my jealousy in either case because that's inappropriate.
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jealousy is a part of all relationships....if dealt with in a positive way it can help all involved grow and be stronger....i personally never had a problem with jealousy until my recent love....now i've learned so much about myself and how to ride out those strong feelings.....
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I agree with what's already been said. Open relationships are not just suited to people who can walts through them without any issues. In the same way any relationship is exclusively for people who never have issues in them.
Jealousy is a chance to sort through the underlying reasons you feel like that (ie. insecurities and self estem issues). I personally don't really feel jealousy - I tend to just feel the underlying feelings straight away. However I am in a successful poly relationship with a guy who gets insanely jealous still, but he just sits with it, and over time is hoping that it may lessen. That said even if it doesn't he recone the negativeity that jealousy brings is anywhere near the level of positivity being poly brings to both our lives.
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