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Happy Birthday, August Henry! **Photos #24** - Page 3

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Congrats and welcome baby August! He is so cute and chubby looking for being so little.
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I am glad to hear your beautiful baby boy made it safely into the world, and that you are recovering well and quickly. Congrats, mama!!!!
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awww great pics!
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Wow! He's so lovely. Thanks for the pics. Welcome baby August!!

Yay for a summer solstice baby too!

And I'm so glad that everything turned out safely and that you are both recovering well.
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Congrats on the arrival of your baby boy! Welcome to the world August! Hope he continues to grow strong. Take care
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is precious!
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He's beautiful!
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He's gorgeous! Congratulations, I am so glad you are both safe and sound.

Speedy recovery to you, I hope you get your shower today!
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Congratulations! What a little angel he is. I'm so glad that everything worked out so well.
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What a precious baby boy! I can't wait! Thanks for sharing.
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Congratulations! He is beautiful!
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yay!!! How exciting! Glad he is doing good. He looks great! Congrats!!
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August Henry!!!!

He is SO amazingly beautiful!!! Congratulations, mama!!!

I am so glad your birth worked out the way it needed to... like other posters have said, THIS is what c-sections were invented for and we should all be thankful for the medical profession when it's truly necessary! Look at the results - what a gorgeous baby and healthy mama!

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Congrats!! He is just the cutest thing!!

Hope recovery goes well for you!
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Congrats mama and family! Welcome August! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Wow!! Congratulations. It might not have been the birth you wanted but look at that result! Wishing you and your baby lots of healing and growing vibes.
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Congrats! Welcome August Henry...he is so sweet.
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What a handsome little guy! Congratulations!! And I LOVE his name--August was at the top of our list if this little one had been a boy, and Henry goes so beautifully with it--very classy. I hope you and he both feel better and stronger every day, and have a wonderful babymoon!
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He is just adorable! And what a lucky lady you are with that DH of yours! That is too cute!!!
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I missed your announcement when you first posted, but CONGRATULATIONS! He is beautiful, I love his name, and I'm glad he's doing well. I'm sorry your recovery has been so difficult, and that things were so bumpy and upsetting at the time of delivery. Thank goodness you have had good and kind care, and that he is getting what he needs to get stronger and stronger.

I'm so happy for your good news!
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