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I have several Dappi diaper wraps, and while I like their ease of use, they tend to shrink, and they don't fit very well after awhile. I can't complain too much, though, because most of them are secondhand, so they have been washed many times. They are good to have on hand, and the way they are made, they end up being the ones I use the most. Much roomier than nikkys.
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There are 2 different kinds of Dappis out there: the wrap and the pull ons. While the wraps are not very popular, the nylon pull ons won't let you doen. I ABSOLUTELY them and wish all CD mommas I know would try them. They are trim, cheap and NEVER EVER wick! Yes, they are boring looking, but you can dye them with KoolAid (nylon dyes like wool) - mine look very pretty now (just make sure to wash several times afterwards as the color bleeds at first.
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I agree with the PP on the pull on pants. They were more reliable for us than Bummis pull on pants and just as nice, and didn't run so big.
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I have some size NB dappi diapers, and I never got to use em.
My son was only 6 13oz at birth and they were already too small?
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I have used the large and toddler sized Dappi wraps and was not impressed. They run very small, imo, and like someone else said they shrink. The price is nice, but you get what you pay for!
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I had several dappi pull on covers. they are a grat work horse cover and I never had any leaks in them....
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I LOVE the nylon pullons from Dappi, aka Especially for Baby. They are cheap and NEVER leak or wick.

The wraps are a total different story.
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My favorite cover

I have cloth diapered four children and have tried every cover out there, and the dappi nylon pull up pants are my favorite by far.
The bindings are soft and so is the whole cover. It does not leak, like some other nylon covers I have tried. This cover is truly a workhorse. Great for day or night. It is also great when training over training pants.
The price cannot be beat, I bought mine from Granitesemith on ebay, 8 covers for $18 Don't waste your time and money on other covers, these are the best!
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I have one Dappi fitted diaper that a friend bought for me to try, and I haven't liked it at all. First of all, it's not absorbent at all. Secondly, they run so small. This is a medium, and my newborn son who was less than 7 pounds fit in it well. The velcro is awfully thick and stiff and scratchy, and the way the fastening is designed it fastens at baby's hips, not in front, which makes it look really uncomfortable.

I don't recommend the fitted diapers at all.
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