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new posts/search

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search seems to have gone wonky- including the new posts button. Goes to a mostly blank google (mothering specific) search page:


Hopefully someone is working on it...

I NEED my new posts button!

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Why does the "New Posts" button take me to a google search?

New posts is my usual method of traveling around this site and I'm only getting a google search page with an mdc banner on it today. Is it my pc, or is the button broke?
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"New Posts" functionality

When I click on new posts, I get a google search screen with the Mothering masthead.


What's going on?

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New Posts?

When I click on New Posts, I get sent to a Mothering-based Google search page.


Just FYI.
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"New Posts" function not working?

it brings me to a google search form.
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I'm combining similar threads. Sorry if it now looks messy. :

We weren't sure either so we asked Cynthia and she said:
Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post
New search tables are being set up so it may not function until that's done.
To try and explain that -- think of it kind of like a filing system being labeled (cabinets, drawers, hanging folders, manilla folders) and then set up in the filing room, so there's a 'do not enter' sign up until the room re-organization is done.

Basically it means our anxious wait for the complete return of the search function is almost over (thank goodness!).
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Oh man. I don't know how to navigate MDC without the New Posts button!
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It should only take a few days at most, but then the search should be good as new.

Thanks in advance for your patience.
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Oh man. I was wondering what was going on.
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Wah, I'll have to live without my new posts addiction!!
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A few days??!!
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You know what's sad? I know it's broken. I know clicking new posts won't work. yet how do I navigate away from every thread I read? I click new posts again..and feel stupid. *sigh*
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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post

I'm getting this one too.
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I think that is there as a temp fix. Cynthia or Jacque would need to let us know for sure.
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a few days? ugh, thank goodness i'm going on hols! good luck everyone!
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the quick links for todays posts doesnt' work either.. .. takes you to the same page
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It's because new posts and today's posts both use the search engine to find and display the recent posts.
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So is the search feature completely disabled at the moment? I haven't tried searching for anything other than "new posts" yet today.

What I've been doing is going to the main MDC page and scanning down the lists of forums, and clicking on one forum that looks interesting, reading a bunch of posts in that forum, and then when I'm the last poster for all the interesting looking threads in that forum, I go back to the main MDC page and do this with another forum. It's tedius, but it's better than not having MDC available.
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Anything that uses the search function will give you the Mothering branded Google search page.

I'm not sure why it's giving the .au google but now it's not. At least not for me. I reformatted the search through Google, produced new code and placed it and it's no longer giving me .au

A few days??!!
Yes, we hope just a few days. We have a third party administrator that handles our more technical backend issues and he is working on the search index so it's not something for which we can give a sure time frame. That's his guesstimate. If any other issues pop up in the process it could be delayed. If things go more smoothly and quicker than anticipated then it could be done sooner.
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