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Bloodwork looks good!

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My hcg levels are nice and high so I'm praying this baby sticks with me! It still doesn't feel real at all to me. I just can't fathom that I'll be holding a new person in 8 or 9 months. For some reason it seemed more real with my first, maybe because I was sick from the get-go with him.

Anyone else have appointments with mw or ob yet?
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Not yet, but I have some real challenges ahead of me so I need to get on ball-- we are expats in Malaysia-- I know of a doc that I will go to for bloodwork, just to have a base line-- and he's supposedly really great with natural birth (and his wife is a doula/CBE/lactation consultant and former UK midwife) and has a 13% c/s rate which is almost unheardof here where 50% to 75% is more common-- but I really want a HB and it's proving to be a seriously challenging feat.

So, on that note, I should get off the computer and start making some calls!

This will be my second as well-- I didn't have much except nausea from weeks 6 to 8 if I didn't put a banana or pb&j sandwich by the bed. If I ate before sitting up I was good to go. If I didn't I couldn't even get into my scrubs and off to the clinic. I threw up ONCE, in the second trimester, when I took my vitamins on too little food
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Since this is my second - my midwife isn't too concerned about seeing me right away. So I'll have my first appointment near the end of July. She'll write the orders for blood work then.

I'm fine with it. I love her dearly - but the appointments got to be a bit of a pain last time (especially when they get to be every week).

Hey - I called her immediately after calling my DH. She only takes 4 or 5 people a month - so I wanted to be sure of getting a spot.
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I called the Ob this morning... I'm hoping to get in for a beta and progesterone level check since I'm on prometrium and did clomid this cycle. Waiting to hear...
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not yet....we just moved to the area, so I am looking around for midwife reccomendations....hoping to call some this coming week, but I don't expect an appointment until mid to late July...
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Hi Hollin,

You asked if anyone else has appointments with doctors or midwives yet. I have an appointment at the women's health center (I believe both OBs and MWs work there - I know they have both at the birth center, anyway) of a local birth center scheduled for July 16th. I am so impatient, though. I am *not* a big "doctor person" and generally like to avoid them, but I'm still chomping at the bit to have this appointment already! I want some real-life validation from a person (not a plastic stick, although I assume they have those, too) I guess!

Edit: Does that seem like a very late date? They told me on the phone they like to see women at/around Week 7, which is what that will be for me (7 weeks and a day or two), but it sounds like some people see their providers sooner. Then again, I read online that many places won't see you until your 8th or even 10th week, so maybe it's not very late...
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I haven't called yet, but they don't schedule appointments until about 9-10 weeks. Seems like a long time, but that's the way they've always done it! Well, unless there is reason to see someone early like high risk or something like that. This office has 1 amazingly awesome OB and 2 just as equally awesome midwives!

Awesome to hear about the good report from the bloodwork!!
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puffnstuff- my last pregnancy I don't think they got me in until between 8 and 9 weeks. I went in to have the blood test so early because we have military insurance and you need to get a referral before you can see an OB and you need to have the blood test to get the referral.

My first appointment is on Thursday which is 6.5 weeks for me. Seems kind of early though I googled it and you can usually see the heartbeat on an ultrasound at that date. We'll see if they give me an u/s or not.
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I'm so confused by how they count the days and the weeks!
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I called 2 midwives for interviews/consultations but neither called me back today. If I don't hear from them by Tuesday or so, I think I'll call again.
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My bloodwork at 4 weeks were hcg was 450 and progesterone was 39 on june 24th. I go for an ultrasound on july 8th at which time I should be exactly 6 weeks along. I hope those are good numbers.
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