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Beautiful belly!! Good job cookin' those babies, keep it up!
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My back doesn't hurt at all!! Seriously. I haven't had any back issues this whole pregnancy.


My pubic bone is killing me. I have pubic bone seperation, and it hurts to walk sometimes. It hurts to drive or get up and down. I have been going to the chiropractor and that helps SO MUCH! My feet just in the last five or six days have gotten very very swollen with pitting edema, and I have finally had to take off my wedding ring. The ankles/feet hurt, but I am drinking a ton and taking salt baths to help. I think the humidity is what did me in with that. Plus I went camping this past weekend and I am sure that didn't help. It was fun to do one last thing with the family though, before the babies are here.

As for movement, baby A (Aile, the girl) is head down and complete OP (posterior) and laying towards my left side. She moves a ton and I can feel every little thing she does. Baby B (Cabhan, the boy) is breech, with his head by my left rib cage and probably being kicked by his sister. His body is going towards my right and wraps down around that side. They are sort of in a yin/yang symbol. He puts his hands by his face, and I feel that a lot. He shifts out his butt and his feet are down by my right hip bone. I don't feel him as much. He isn't what I would call anterior, more transverse in the way he is laying. Does that make sense?

I think that they are probably about 4 pounds each now. At my last prenatal (32 weeks) I measured only 34 cm. They are out on the sides more then on top of each other. Plus I am 5'9. Yesterday I measured myself and had a friend measure, and I am measuring 38cm. I knew that they grew a lot! I think that they are going to be putting on their weight now.

I only have TWO WEEKS until I am full term. I get an extra week for twins. And then I can have my homebirth. I am getting my tub this week and I pretty much have most of my supplies. I scrubbed down my house with the huge help of a great friend today. It is ready for babies. I have so much stuff that has been given to them, it is really just amazing. I think that they will probably stay in for at least another month, if not the full six weeks. I have gone over every "singleton" pregnancy from 2 days, 10 days and 17 days...so I would be shocked if I went at 37 weeks. I wouldn't mind seeing my ankles again though!
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wow! I love to hear that you will be going full term. The babes are going to be well cooked! As opposed to a lot of moms to be of twins So many twins mommas I know, their doctors schedule c-sections as soon as they find out they are having twins ugh! WTG!!!
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You look wonderful! It is exciting to hear how you are doing and that you are still preggo! WTG!!!
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