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Third trimester hormones--anyone else suffering?

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From rabid (and uncharacteristic) jealousy to crankiness to clinginess, I've been riding an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks. Even as I'm giving voice to them I *know* that I sound unreasonable yet I keep on doing it. My poor dh.

Anyone else feel like their emotions are hanging by a string?
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Mine are ...Big time, but my husband is not understanding and we have almost divorced over it....I dont think my emotions are the whole issue but whatever. I find I cry more with the kids over silly things.....my poor dd1 is never going to want kids if she thinks pregnancy makes u act like this lol.
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I am going through a huge bout of antepartum depression, so I feel ya!
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The past nine months have been on rollercoaster. One minute I'm happy, the next I can't stand anyone, the next I'm crying like a baby, and the next I'm...whew, I can't even explain. LOL. Not much longer to go, mommas.
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I feel 14 again. Emotionally unstable, frustrated with my body and socially awkward. It's puberty all over again.

Also the acne is back. lol
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Yeah, I'm grumpy and weepy. What a combo.

I also have gestational diabetes and I wonder how much of the grumpy is from that. I don't think much because my blood sugar levels have been fine. I think it's just hormones (thought with my first pregnancy I didn't have any emotional hormone stuff).
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Oh boy have I been moody. I am mostly grouchy (very) or on the verge of tears. I am finding it very hard to have a happy medium where I am just happy and enjoying life. I never thought it was hormones doing this to me, but makes total sense, ugghh. Dh has been pretty understanding, thank God!
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I have been very emotional. I am super sensitive over everything. I am trying to keep quiet about it since I know what is causing it. We were on vacation and it was very hard to relax. I keep feeling like DH was ignoring me or I had too much time with the kids. I had a strong internal dialogue the whole time. I was telling myself to calm down.
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I am super bitch today...

And my daughter is currently grating on my LAST nerve with incessant crying for no reason...goodness help me!!
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Yes! I'm feeling the same way. I had a beautiful second trimester after being sick as a dog for most of the first. Now I'm finding myself incredibly grouchy, very sensitive and weepy and quite quick to anger. I just have no patience. I feel lucky that my husband is very understanding and lets my moods roll off his back without being dismissive. It makes a world of difference.

I was just saying to my mom that I'm SO glad my son is done school because it's a pretty tight knit community and most of us pick our kids up and its very social. I had just had enough of the chit chat and people commenting on how freakin' big I am. I'm just ready at this point to be at home with my close family who love me no matter how cranky I am.

My biggest focus right now is trying to be patient and kind with my son. He's SO excited about the baby and the whole pregnancy so I don't want my crabbiness to spoil that. I know as the due date draws closer he's feeling a little anxious and insecure even though he's happy and looking forward to it at the same time. So for him I'm trying to keep myself reigned in. Otherwise I think I'd be a total lunatic!
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grouchy, irritable, weepy...sometimes i feel like i'm certainly going insane. wauughh i'm so ready to have this baby!
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To add to the above emotions, I've also been anxious with the end of the school year (I'm a teacher) and all the end of year emotions-feeling out of sorts at the idea of being away from my job for a year, with someone just below me trying to steal my job (and who likely will)...knowing I will come back to teach courses I am not very passionate about. Argh.
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I'm definitely moody and have less patience with my girls, but my husband, lucky him, has been in Iraq since we conceived, so he just gets to hear about it all in my daily emails. But he's always very supportive in telling me that I'm strong and amazing to go through this pregnancy and take care of our 3 girls on my own.
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Sign me for a ride on the emotional rollercoaster express...

My wonderful, understanding and sweet husband has had to put up with some real bitch-fests the last few weeks. It's so weird that even when I'm speaking (i.e. yelling and throwing tantrums), I can see myself from the outside and think "Geez, shut up!! He's never going to want to stay married to you if you keep on going like this!!"

He knows that this is all completely hormonal, but when I start bawling over a spilled can of evaporated milk (really!) because he had just mopped and I felt so bad for getting the floor dirty again, and then because I couldn't find the damn mop to clean up the mess, he just hugs me and tells me to sit down while he cleans up - which only makes me cry harder...

*sigh* hormones are insane!!!
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I have to say that I am not so emotional like in my other pregnancies. I have been able to manage my emotions, specially having my parents here that sometimes they drive me nutsy! But I been able to be stable in that department this time around phew!!!!!! It might be probably all the pregnancy, RRL and nettle tea I been drinking!?!?!? Probably!
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I have turned into such a raging bitch in the last few weeks it's not even funny. I think it's because I save all my patience for my 3yo DS, so I lose it with other people (esp. my poor husband!)
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Oh my lawd! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone (but sad to know that the rest of you are suffering as well).

Last week I was *on top of the world*. I had soooo much energy. I was nesting like a mofo. In one day alone I cleaned out the storage building (NOT an easy task), touched up the paint in the kids room, repainted the kitchen chairs, took the kid's door off of the hinges to repair the hinges and then put it back and I can't remember what else. It was like one thing led to another, lol.

Then this week I crashed. I have been convinced my DH is cheating on me (he isn't), crying all day because he doens't love me (he does)...it's been horrible. Yesterday by this time (it's only seven in the morning) I had a huge pile of tissue beside me where I had cried and cried. But now this morning I am fine. I an not necessarly feeling "nesty" but I feel even emotionally.

This is CRAZY!!
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Slabobbin. : I can totally relate to the "he's cheating on me, he doesn't love me" thing. Here is one of my uglier moments--dh's best friend's FIL had a very serious heart attack. He was in critical care and things were very touch-and-go. Dh told me that he felt sorry for best friend's wife (whom I don't like) because he knows what it's like to lose a parent.

What did I say? "Why don't you go and comfort her, then?"
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Originally Posted by Slabobbin View Post
Last week I was *on top of the world*. I had soooo much energy. I was nesting like a mofo.
Hilarious! ... this describes me the last few weeks. I love that!
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Originally Posted by holothuroidea View Post
I feel 14 again. Emotionally unstable, frustrated with my body and socially awkward. It's puberty all over again.
Yes!! We just bought land to build our house and that was stressful plus dh has been working long long hours and is around long enough to put ds to bed but leaves no time for me. I feel huge and like I have nothing interesting to say except the status of my cm and general largeness.
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