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It is horrifying and fascinating at the same time. Do join, Irishmommy!
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Lara, I'm sorry you were not well. Glad you're back and posting.
I missed the Rosie appearance because of aforementioned kids. So I have nothing to report, sadly.
But here is some news: Amanda made the cover of the trashy rag the Enquirer. Briefly scanning the article, while chubby hands grabbed for it, I saw that she had a fling with a teacher in school, and something about an annulment.
Ahhhh, gossip at it's most incomplete.
Did you know that the show raps up this week? with episodes tonight and Thursday?
I vote that Trista will get dumped tonight, and it will be a choice between the *princess and the ho. *
Hmmmm. Men always seem to replay this scenario don't they?
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I still vote that he kicks off Amanda. Dh agrees. I didn't know that was this week. Crap! Now I will have to watch it on the little tv. This Thursday is some Star Wars thing so dh will be hogging the big tv. Oh, I am going to be soooo excited.

BTW, I am still sick and I can't take anything for it since I am pregnant. This in combination with morning sickness. Yuck. I keep telling dh to put me out of my misery.
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I'm betting that Amanda will be let go tonight. Dh was sure she'd be the one he'd choose in the end. Hmm, wonder why? LOL

I'm still pretty sure that princess Shannon will end up the winner. She isn't as icy as Trista.

: Sadly, I look forward to Monday nights.

Irishmommy -- join us! It's not too late!

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I don't know whether to applaud Shannon's morals or to shake my head and mutter "silly, silly girl". On the one hand, I admire that certain things were off limits, but on the other, couldn't she see that being so stiff and inflexible wasn't pulling Alex closer but having the opposite effect? It is a TV show, for goodness sake. She had to know how demanding and voyeristic it would be. Sure, now that she isn't picked, it's easy to warble "I want someone to love me for myself" (ie spoiled brat) but what of herself did she give Alex? I sure did admire her for turning around and asking "Why", but I really thought, and I think Alex did too, that she was going to smack him.
I did warm up to Trista last night. I thought she came across as more relaxed and caring. That was the true test there. Alex puking in a bag in close quarters. I think she made herself more of a challenge with the big O talk, though. What egocentric male will walk away from that one? I aim to please, ma'am.
And then, on the opposite end of the spectrum is Amanda, who he obviously did not walk away from last night. Okay, we have consenting adults here folks, but I was a little uncomfortable with the camera work. I actually thought we might see the whole thing. And truly, what an oinker Alex would have been had he not chosen Amanda last night. What do you think? Did he do it because of true feelings for her, or just so she and he would not look trashy? And the poor girls face during the rose ceremony; she looked positively ill. I felt so sad for her.
My pick: Amanda. I still think they have the best body language and are having the most fun. They just look like a couple. I vote for her. She has a genuine smile, a great sense of adventure and she seems grounded. I like her.
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OMG!!! I didn't think Shannon's morals were the issue. I think Trista has the same morals. I think it was Shannon's bitchiness and need to be in control constantly. I saw a clear picture of what life with her would be like, and I would have made the same decision given the choice. She didn't just shut him down. She shut him down and chastized him like a little boy. She pouts, whines, and complains when he does something he doesn't agree with. Am I the only person who thinks she memorized the book The Rules? I think she was playing games with him. You can show someone you like him and are attracted to him without sleeping with him. My husband waited longer to sleep with me than he did with any other girl he dated in his life, but never once did he suspect that I was playing a game or that I didn't like him. He knew I just wasn't ready.

Trista really doesn't want him, I think. She likes him but isn't in love with him. That is a warning sign, IMO. It signifies that she doesn't feel much attraction for him, but thinks that he is a nice guy. If he chooses her, it won't last. I think there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. I know it takes awhile to love someone, but "in love" is infatuation. You should have it by now or it may not come.

Amanda... Well, I just don't know. If he has any sense, he'd pick her. She gives it up way too easy, but she is the only one who really wants him.

I am looking forward to seeing his parents grill these girls!
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I just want to let you know that you guys have gotten me hooked on this show! I watched last week and again last night, and can't wait to see it on Thursday.

jorgiemom and laralou -- I agree with both of your posts! I'm so glad that Shannon got cut loose. She made me tense just watching, so imagine how she made Alex feel. I knew Trista wouldn't get cut, because she is a challenge. I think she might end up "winning" just because she's the type of girl Alex wants to be with....though I hope (and think it should be) Amanda. She may be easy, but I think she's the only one who is really being real and honest, and "herself."

Personally, I don't think Alex is much of a catch. He's not so cute (at least not my type of cute) and not very interesting. But if Amanda really wants him, I hope she gets him!


P.S. I was sooo worried that Amanda was going to get cut loose last night. I thought Alex might want to keep Shannon on out of guilt -- so she wouldn't think he dumped her just because she wouldn't sleep with him. But how awful would it have been if he'd dumped Amanda?! I think that would've made her feel so cheap and used! (And then I really wouldn't have liked Alex!)
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I wasn't going to watch last night but I HAD TO! (It is "Turn off T.V. week and I was really trying!!!!) Oh well.
Anyway, I am so glad that Shannon was not chosen. I do applaud her effort to stick with her morals, but I agree that she could have still remained "warm" while doing it. I think the whole thing was just too much for her, the cameras, the pressure, the competition. If I were in that position (which I never would put myself into!) I would probably be just as annoyed and angry at the whole thing.
SO, this brings me to the point that Amanda is the only one who really seems into the process and the guy. Trista only "likes" him and that isn't going to change. Plus her "baby" voice bugs me! It shows a tender side to her, but annoys me nevertheless.

So although Amanda was quick to land Alex in bed, hey, if you are going to buy the goods why not try them out? I mean, c'mon, this is all pretty shallow anyway. Why not pick a guy you can at least be aroused by! And she does seem pretty smart, and fun, and sexy and flexible (not sexually, I mean easygoing! although she may be flexible!! ) ANYWAY, just my take.

Trista is cool but not enough into him. Again, if you are not into playing the game, then leave. I think she should turn him down.

So I guess that would mean Amanda wins by default...hmmmm...I don't know.

You know what my dh said? Why can't it be like this for all of us guys?!!! I mean think about it, what if we all got to have our ex-so's up there and got to compare and contrast them...that would be pretty cool, huh!!!

(pig headed comment from dh, but hey, I think it would be interesting!)

Or even better, we could pick parts of each significant other...and combine them to make THE PERFECT MAN! (or woman) hee hee

I think I would like that game!!!
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I'm so glad Shannon is gone. She just came off as so cold. I don't think it was really a moral thing. I think she was playing games. I don't think she really cared about him, I do think she wanted to "win".
I don't have a problem with Amanda sleeping with him. Personally, I would not marry I man I hadn't test driven.
Something about Trista...something rings untrue to me. And when she came to his room when she was sick she was talking baby talk!!! :yuck That seriously grosses me out.
I vote for Amanda, she's a horndog but she seems the most genuine.
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I wouldn't marry a man I hadn't test-driven, but I wouldn't test-drive him while he was still dating other women. My limit!

I also wanted to second the objection to Trista's baby talk. Yuck!
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Hey I read today that Alex was almost chosen for Survivor Africa. Makes you wonder how sincere he is about finding a wife…. He was interviewed in People (we have long supermarket lines here) and said that the show has a happy ending. The producer said he was not obligated to propose at the end of the show.
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Wow -- I was waaaaay off base on that one! What was up with Shannon?

Am I the only person who thinks she memorized the book The Rules?
This is so true!

I swear, when Amanda traipsed off to the bedroom with Alex I was stunned. I knew she had it in her but I didn't think she'd *actually* sleep with him! It's amazing how the reality of it really strikes you compared to when you know they are just actors and it's make-believe. Don't get me wrong -- I'd much rather watch two people make love than blow each other up with firearms.


Can't wait for Thursday!
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Hope it's ok to just jump in here I am so glad that some other mamas out there are watching this. I am addicted! I made dh tape it for me the other night...he was truly rolling his eyes.

Anyway, the thing about Shannon and the rules... very true. Another thing that really bothered me about her though, was the way that she treated her family. Did anyone notice that? She was so disrepectful towards her mother and didn't even talk to her sister or neice. Ughhh... You would think that family and children would have made it into the conversation by now.

Both Amanda and Trista seem to have good relationships with their families. So, that would certainly be easier. I do think that Amanda genuinely cares for him. But, can you imagine your dh talking about trapezes on national television?
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Originally posted by glad2bemama
Hope it's ok to just jump in here
The more the merrier! Since my dh rolls his eyes when I discuss it and says, "I am not your girlfriend!" you guys are the only ones I have to discuss this with.

Originally posted by glad2bemama
But, can you imagine your dh talking about trapezes on national television?
That is why I can't see him marrying her. I couldn't marry someone who told all their kinky stuff on tv so my family and friends, plus every stranger we pass on the street, has a mental image of what we do in the bedroom. TMI! (too much information)
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I am happy about the Bachelor's choice. I hope they have fun learning about each other away from the pressure of the cameras.
I think that the body language was good between them; Alex seemed to laugh alot with her. I am being purposely vague because I know there is a time difference. The only complaint I have: he wants her to move to California to be close to him. Hmmm. I 'd think on that a bit. I hope that she doesn't lose her identity in trying to please him. I hope she continues with her wish to become a bridal consultant ( or whatever it was)
This has been a fun thread; I can't believe that we've been discussing this for 5 weeks!
When will the next series air? Can you imagine a Bachelorette series?

Don't forget: Alex and babes will be on Good Morning America on Friday am.
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I really liked the ending. I felt that Amanda was a good match for him and I also liked that they didn't get engaged on the spot. Very cool ending. I think he made the best choice.
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Yes, I think that he made the right choice with Amanda. Trista was just in it for the game. I think that his family made that clear to him.

Do you think that the show directed him to buy the ring just for the suspense? I wonder whether or not they will really get married, though. While I agree with Laralou, that it is too much info that she gave out, I think that she genuinely has stars in her eyes for him and hope that she doesn't get hurt...
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I was happy with his choice. I agree though that their is a big chance she will get hurt. She is so young which explains that "too much information." I thought it was funny that he expected Trista to do something out of character to try to win and then she did. I think she genuinely believes that she wanted him, but I think she only wanted him because someone else did.

I don't think that he and Trista slept together because she would have really been upset then.

I do think the show told him to buy the ring. They probably paid for it.

Ah well. I am sad. Now I have nothing to watch. I am waiting for the next trashy reality romance show.
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OK. I'm gonna admit this...

I watched the last episode! And the thingy they did with all the other girls.

Are they going to do this type of show again?
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