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Yeah, there is no easy way around it, and there will be a lot of screaming, but eventually they will get the hang of it. We've been brushing teeth since the first tooth and my son who is almost 2 finally lets me do it. He'll say no a few times and giggle but when I say open he opens and its such a relief not to have to do the hold-down-prying-screaming routine. Be consistant and it will get easier!

Just a side note- my son had bad breath when he was teething, even after brushing teeth. It would go away after his tooth came in.
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Originally Posted by Rumba View Post
Where did you find the Crayola battery operated brush (qu)
Target, ~$5
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I have brushed my son's teeth since he was 7 months old, when his first tooth came in. A dental hygeinist visited my moms group and I asked her to show me. She said to lay your child down on your lap so that their head is at your stomach and their feet are hanging off your knees, a similar position that a person would be in at the dentist. You can look right down into their mouths to see what you are doing. Then you use a finger or your thumb to manipulate their mouths open or to move their lips aside to get the brush in there. It is very awkward at first and DS cried and screamed the first couple times. Now that he's two and a half brushing is thorough and a breeze. He gets his turn after I'm done.

A side note that I found very helpful...when they are crying their mouths are wide open, so use this as your opportunity to get the brush in and get the job done. Clean teeth and crying is far better than tooth decay and multiple, expensive trips to the dentist.

Good luck!
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dh just bought one of those crayola electric toothbrushes for ds, and he loves it! At least now, before the novelty has worn off, it's working great! Thanks for the tip!
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Luckily both of my kids love to brush their teeth. They brush at least 4-5 times a day (usually every time mama has to potty, since they both follow me in and since we're there, one of them invariably asks and then it's all over and we are in the bathroom brushing teeth for 20 minutes).

Twice a day I help them, to make sure they actually get clean. I just ask to check and say "oops, missed a spot, let me get that."
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Hi, we were having this issue, too. I did a couple of things that really worked:
1. use "Corbin's" head on "Mommy's" toothbrush (electric Sonicare)
2. explain that we're going to brush teeth and then read her two favorite books - she gets really excited about that
3. sing the same song every single time ("one little, two little, three little teeth..." for bottom row and then for the top row)
4. a kiss for finishing
5. books

My kid is just over two now and it took at least a year to get into that groove. She still tries to cover her mouth, but, like you, I'm not restraining her and inflicting bad feelings to her dental health.

Also, I'm on a really close-knit mommy board. My kid has seen a ton of pictures of those kids and knows some by name (of course, she's met all the local ones). Anyway, I asked them all to have their kids take really positive pictures of brushing their teeth, smiling with their brush, etc. Kids from infancy to 18+ all hammed it up...I turned it into a book for Corbin and that really helped her see that other kids do it, too.
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You've gotten a lot of good advice already! I also let my DS brush when I'm done, he looks forward to it and knows that if he doesn't let me get them clean he can't play with the brush afterward. Assuming your LO is in diapers (not EC) a good time to start is when he's on the changing table. This is how we started brushing our DS's teeth. After the diaper change I'd brush and push his chin down while saying "open" and now he lets me brush anywhere any time and I just say "open" and he knows just what to do! He really enjoys it!
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