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Midwifery in Missouri Legal!

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It's official.
The Missouri State Supreme Court upheld the decision to legalize Certified Professional Midwives in the state.

The opposition has 10 days to request a second hearing, but such requests are not usually granted by the Supreme Court.

10 days until the women and midwives of Missouri are free!
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Will update with more links as I find them, but here's one to start:




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WOW! Absolutely wonderful!!!!

Hoping and praying they don't request a second hearing!!! :
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This is so encouraging! I have hope! Yaaaaaaaay!
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Awesome news!!
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I just got this from a friend who belongs to FoMM too. Hurray, hurray! Too late for me, due in 2 weeks and already working with a CNM but I am so excited for my newly pregnant and not yet pregnant friends!! This is such a great development! :
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This is such happy news!! I was thinking about it the entire way home from work. I'm going to start looking into the possibility of switching to a midwife for the birth of my baby in December! If anyone has any recommendations on how to go about finding one in the St. Louis area I'd love to hear them!

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I am so stoked! My next one will be a home birth.
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Reiterating an email I just sent to STL ICAN:

I am so pleased for you (collectively), who fought the fight before I even knew there was a fight to be fought.

Congratulations, and thank you for fighting this fight on behalf of everyone, including the ignorant.
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Ooooh I'm so excited!!! But a little confused.....So does this mean Home Birth is legal in Missouri now?
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Amazing. Whodathunkit .
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We in Iowa are just starting our efforts towards legalization and have such incredible respect for Friends of MO Midwives and the AMAZING WORK they have done in the last few years!! And kudos to Sen. Loudon for being such an awesome advocate for HOMEBIRTH AND MIDWIVES!!
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That's awesome news!!!
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Originally Posted by PookieMom View Post
Ooooh I'm so excited!!! But a little confused.....So does this mean Home Birth is legal in Missouri now?
Homebirth is already legal in Missouri, but midwives were not legally able to practice without being under a doctor. Now midwives can set up practice and do homebirths and I think hospital births without a doctor.
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Whooohooo!!!! I am so excited! Now my midwife won't be illegal!
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I need to find a Midwife. I'm due in November. How should I start looking? What about insurance? Someone please PM me links or something......Sorry, My brains going in 500 different directions! I need to go read my homebirth book now, ya'll have a great day!!!
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Originally Posted by mommathea View Post
Whooohooo!!!! I am so excited! Now my midwife won't be illegal!
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Great news!!!
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If I am informed about this as well as I think I am, to be perfectly legal under this legal provision, the midwife has to be a CPM--granted certificate of professional midwife (after taking a test and showing a certain amt of prenatal, birth and postpartum experience/skills) by NARM (North Amer. Registry of Midwives). None of the mws I am aware of in the St L area are CPMs (yet!). Just to clarify that point--and not that anyone is likely to be checking credentials under ordinary circumstances (anyone who's against hb, that is)

Still, this is GREAT news--and soon I'm sure the state will be full of CPMs!
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Wow!! I am so happy I'm : for joy! Congrats on all your hard work Midwives!
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