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Question about slow spreading rash- what could it be??

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My daughter (18 months) has developed a very light rash- These aren't very noticeable, if at all, you really have to look close to see them, but you can feel them as they feel rough to the touch. It started a couple of weeks ago on her right thigh..these are bumps that are very small, that are about the size of tiny little pimples, (actually they are more like goosebumps but light faint pink). They have spread very slowly to include a few toward the bottom of her (right) calf, and also we have felt a few on her right arm as well .

This started a few weeks back and I have not taken her to the pediatrician because I had hoped that it was being cause by the pollen or an allergy or something. Also, the new pediatrician at our medical center is horrible (I took my daughter in to see her a few weeks ago for something else entirely and she was horrible, she didn't seem to want to even be there or have any interest in my daughter at all?? i'm actually filing a formal complaint against her but that is another story entirely!) so I reallyyy did not want to have to bring her back to that pediatrician (and we are a navy family and currently stationed at a small medical facility with only ONE ped!) We are moving in two weeks to San Diego where the base is HUGE and they have lots of great docs.. Actually next week my daughter will be seen by a specialist she was seeing for a tumor that she had removed a year ago- so I will run it by them of course in the meantime-
just curious if anyone has any thoughts or ideas on what kind of a rash this could be? I have not changed laundry detergent or anything recently, though I can't imagine a change in detergent would cause a rash on only one side anyway right?

Any thoughts are appreciated!
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Heat rash?
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i'll google heat rash..i dont know much about them. do they typically last this long? DD has no other symptoms , she did get a fever for 24 hours a few days ago but I believe that was due to a new molar breaking through. (wayyy after this rash started a few weeks ago). The rash does not seem to bother her or itch either that I have seen.
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First off, let me welcome you to San Diego (early, I know.) We moved here about 4 years ago from NJ and, although it was a bit of a shock, we have been very happy. Let me know if I can be of any assistance as you settle in. We're not a military family, but we have found some things here that have made the transition a bit easier.

Okay, as for the rash, our ped and our pediatric allergist have both let us know that there are literally thousands of viruses that cause rashes in our little ones. They also said that we may not even notice the onset of the virus - that it could be a fussy day or two, a low grade fever, extra clinginess - then a day or so later a rash appears. They're not dangerous to our babes and they're not contagious by the time the rash appears and there's nothing to do but wait them out. All that being said, if you are concerned because of duration (though they also said these viral rashes could last 1-2 weeks) take her to see someone. But, if she's otherwise acting normally and the rash doesn't seem to be bothering her I'd let it be - under a momma's watchful eye, of course!

Best to you all in your move. Again, let me know if I can help in any way with recommendations, information, etc.

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I second everything above. Sounds like heat rash or a viral rash to me. We were told the same thing by our (good) ped. If it doesn't itch or spread or bother her, just keep a watchful eye.

Naked time and an extra application of a good moisturizer never hurts, either.
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