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Well, new to the "I'm Pregnant" part of the boards - I did a long gig in the "Trying to Conceive" area, though!

I tested positive this morning (and, I admit, three more times over the course of the day). Like, WAY positive, no doubt about those lines.

I've never been pregnant before, and I really don't "feel" pregnant at all (but I did have a hunch in the shower this morning, before I tested, that I might be - no symptoms, just a educated guess (late period and all)).

I'm incredibly nervous. This feels very unreal and not certain at all. I'm reading way too much into every little twitch or burp or tingle.

Anyway, I really hope I get to stick around here and get to know you all (and those who join later - the month (March, that is) is still young!

Oh, and my estimated due date based on ovulation is March 2, and it's March 4 based on my last period (I ovulated on CD 12).

to everyone!
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Congratulations and welcome!!!
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