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Question on the right clothes for EC'd newborn

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Hi! I'm expecting my first baby, a boy, at the end of September and am considering giving EC a try. A friend is throwing me a shower, and before I discovered the EC concept I registered for lots of onesies and bodysuit type things. It'll be a fall/ winter baby so I'm sure my baby will have to wear something - but I'm wondering now if onesies and bodysuits might not be the best for an EC'd baby. Will they be too difficult to unhook quickly when it's time? Do you guys use onesies with your EC'd babies?

Thanks in advance for your advice - I'm sure I will have many more questions.

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i really dislike onesies. i disliked them when i was diapering as well. i just think they're a pain. t-shirts are much more EC friendly. couple those with a pair of babylegs or similar baby leg warmers and your baby is just as covered and you have much easier access for pottying.
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I agree with pixie! I couldn't stand onsies. I ended up cutting the bottoms off of the ones I had, but then ended up with many that were too short. I liked babylegs with gowns and t-shirts. Either nekkie butt or with a non waterproof dipe or non waterproof training pant-easier to learn cues with those. Some waterproof for when you go out of the house. I started using wool spit crotch pants with trainers over them too and those were great.

I had a winter baby too, so when it was really cold in our drafty house, I sometimes did use the body suits that zippered down the front instead of the ones with a hundred snaps. They aren't the most convenient thing in the world though...

Good luck!
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OLD STUFF!! The crap NO one wants! We use old (mostly Carters-from 60-70's) Ebay/thrift store finds---->BAGS< They use to make them with drawstrings at the bottom, you can get some newer kinds with elastic. They work great in the early months and at night now (we are at 6 months).
Also TEE-SHIRTS (plain white) mostly NEW Carters, than we tie dyed them (that way you don't see stains!) ---- TELL them you DO NOT WANT those "cute" little outfits with a million snaps up & down the legs-it will make you go mad!
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a lot of the onsies that i got were/are adorable, though, so i'd hate to let them go.

therefore, i'm having a friend who sews make them into "gownsies" or some such for me. she's essentially just going to trim off the snaps and hem the bottoms of them into long shirts.

and then we're coupleing with baby legs.

my baby is coming at the end of august. we didn't get a lot of new born stuff, so mom and i are going to go out and get some t-shirts and such.

i also have pants that pull down. they're just cute things. so they'll go well with the onesies.
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I thought that I would feel the same way about onesies, but I actually don't mind them. Sometimes the snaps are hard to pull apart, but I've never had a problem getting them undone in time. Also, sometimes just don't snap them, like if ds is having naked butt time. However, this is coming from someone who hasn't ec'd in the colder months. I can imagine it will be harder once he has to wear something over his legs.
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I also cut all my onesies off to make t-shirts. I didn't like the look of the unsnapped onesies and felt it was a deterrent from trying out potty opportunities if I had extra "work" to unbutton and redo a lot of clothes. My number one suggestion for a newborn is the kimono style pajama. It is easy to pull up for changes and pottying, and if you end up having a BFP explosion! or a leak, or a miss, or anything, you can untie/unsnap at the sides so it doesn't have to go over the baby's head. Sadly, I only have one of these in my store right now but I'm looking into sourcing for some more. Aside from those, the elastic or drawstring bottomed nightgown are second-best and much easier to find. HTH and congratulations.
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Oh my, I LOVE onesies! Dd was born in April, so I have about a million one-piece sunsuits and there is NO WAY I am not dressing her in those. I only started ec w/ her at 6 weeks; still a newborn, I know, but not from birth. I was not planning on starting until at least 4 months, so I never put any thought into convenience for her clothes. In my experience w/ her, taking off her clothes & diaper has not led to her having a miss. It takes me about 2 seconds to undo the three snaps at the bottom of a onesie. It takes longer than that to get off her diaper. In any case, it is totally possible to do ec w/ a wee babe and still have him/her wear the "usual" baby clothes. I have even eced her all day while she was wearing a pantied skirt over a onesie and we had no more misses than on a day where she wears a diaper and tee shirt. I think, as other posters have basically said, a lot of it has to do w/ mommy preference. If undoing & redoing a few layers is going to get on your nerves, then dont do it. However, you may find that it doesnt bother you so much when you see just how darn cute your lil baby looks in all those new outfits!!
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I'm not a fan of onesies but don't mind the footed pajamas for winter, because they're nice and warm. We do still use some of the cutest onesies, and I leave them unsnapped most of the time.

I liked gowns, though, and wished we'd had more of the plain ones (no snaps, no fasteners) and some in bigger sizes.
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Thanks everyone for the help! It sounds like I really won't know what I like until I get into it. I too love the idea of buying things used, and have tried to recycle quite a bit - second hand crib, rocker, etc... but people are throwing these showers, and I know our parents' friends will want to get new things for us.

Thanks to your comments, I've upped the number of t-shirts relative to onesies/ bodysuits, and have also added some leg warmers into the mix. They should be really good for fall/ winter. Since my post I've also discovered the EC stores, and I will do some more looking around there.

I lived in various parts of Asia for many years, and remember seeing babies in those split pants - I see these are available at some of the online EC stores. Do any of you use those?
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I love them! I like both the discreet ones and the open crotch style for under a dipe or trainer. Marijas got some really cute ones (ecwear.com) and the ec store had some awesome wool ones-not sure if they restocked yet though. You can also easily make them yourself...just rip the seams out of some pants or cut a hole, thats it! If you sew you can get fancier and bind or serge the edges.

Have fun!
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I thought I would hate onesies, but as it turns out I actually really like them, because I can snap them to the side and then not worry about holding her clothes out of the way while I pee her. Good thing, since I got several bags of secondhand stuff that was mostly onesies!

Leg warmers are AWESOME; I wish it were colder here more so we could use them more. Even my friends who don't EC love them; they're just plain adorable.

And since people want to buy you new stuff, DEFINITELY register for some stuff from EC stores...split pants are great (don't have any but wish I did; probably going to turn some of her pants into split once it gets colder and she's wearing them), and training pants are awesome. You might want to use diapers for a while, but you might surprise yourself with how soon you want training pants...I'd suggest you register for a few in the 3-6 months and/or 6-9 month sizes, just in case. You can always resell them and get bigger ones if you don't use them that early, but once they hit a year I think it's easier to manage with conventional training pants, and the tiny ones are expensive! But they're really nice to have if you end up catching most poos. I would use them every day if I had enough of them. (And DD is only 4 months.)
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Wee Essentials, found at J.C. Penny-----they may not understand why you want these (we LOVE them) there was a tread awhile back on the EC about using them. We had a lot of trouble finding them when we wanted them (had to go to several stores), much cheaper than most and work really well. JC Penny runs good sales too (check for best $). Great for the person who doesn't want to order over the internet-just pick them up at the store.
WE have them shrunk down to fit a 6 month old an really use them a lot-easy up & down!
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I will definitely take your advice and get some trainers, whether I register or buy them myself.

Unfortunately I doubt I'll register at any EC stores - most of the guests at the 2 main showers will be our parents friends, and they tend to be in their 70s (My husband and I are both 40ish). Some of them might be online, but most of them probably prefer to shop in a store. You never know though - My father who is over 70 spends all day on online, so maybe I will. Our friends here in town are throwing a shower too, but we decided to do a co-ed 'book & cd' shower to start the baby's library for that one.

About the Wee Essentials - I see that the 2T size is really for 34 - 35 1/2' tall and 26 1/2 - 28 lbs. When did you start using those? Did you just throw them in the dryer on high heat to get them to shrink?
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wee essentials - I got the 2T and washed them in VERY HOT water, than dried them at the Laundry Mart (not at home-their dryer are mush hotter!) my DS is 6months on Sunday and 16lbs and they fit. NOT SNUGG, and they don't fall off. We are pleased with them. When I went looking for them (started using at 4 1/2 months) they had a great sale, buy 2 get 1 FREE and than it spit out a 15% off coupons, problem was everyone was buying and I had to go to several stores to get them! Even the "girls" some prints were OK with us, they come one print and 2 solids in a packs. I really wanted Gerber BUT I could not find them ANY PLACE!!! except on line and I didn't want to pay the shipping, I found a few old gerbers and really they are just the same. We dye a lot of our stuff (no reaction to the dye-we have no problem with it) so that way you don't see stains. Even if you clean them right away you have to use stain fighting stuff and if they are dyed you hide a lot, we did this with bibs too. Works for us.

FYI- I ended up calling Gerber and they said MOST places will not carry them (do on line) BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS THEM- why clean when you can keep buying$$$$$$$ pull-ups!!! Who wants to clean up poop with a 4 year old (loves those people who have to WAIT !)
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By the way, I just noticed that the EC Store seems to have the Gerber trainers, if this is what you were referring to. 3 for $10 if I remember correctly...

Whoops - just realized you were trying to avoid buying online. Never mind!!
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a little OT, but regarding Gerber trainers, I wanted to mention for those who don't know that Gerber was bought out by Nestle last year. So if you boycott Nestle due to their anti-WHO-code marketing in the US, then you won't want to buy Gerber now. If you're looking for more info on the boycott, you can find it in the Lactivism forum
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all summer last year dd was in a diaper and that was mainly it.
my daughter was in used oversized sweaters with a t-shirt underneath, cloth dipe, legwarmers and socks all winter. For naked butt time we did long sleeve onesies snapped to the side, legwarmers, and socks. She slept with us so she just wore a onesie and and dipe at night.
DEFINATELY do the oversized sweater idea it is a good one. they looke really cute with a cloth dipe with a sweater and matching legwarmers and socks...
my mom bought just about all my legwarmers. there are good shops for legwarmers on Etsy.
used clothing is sometimes so much better because once you start ECing you will quickly find what you like best and you can then get a bunch of what you want.
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oh, and my friend is going to open the crotch of the pants for us too. so, that'll make things easier.
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ds was my first post peak oil dead of winter baby as well as my first EC'er. I was dreading it, but it really wasn't that bad. The best advice I got was to put the (naked or diapered only) baby into a fleece pouch sling which I put on my own naked body and then put a large, warm bathrobe over both of us. don't underestimate shared body heat! this arrangement kept us quite toasty on the days when we could stay in the house.

when clothes were necessary, we used gowns with legwarmers. My newborns have never needed diaper covers, so fitteds were nice and fast but a bit pricey for us. Three of them were adequate.

ds isn't dry at night yet, so we sleep on cloth underpads to protect my furniture and his skin.

My one caveat about clothing, which I am STILL learning, is that ot is very hard not to have too much of it and life is so much easier the more you can avoid excess. dd did give her brother one very cute onesie that he wears sometimes, but by the end of the day I get tired of snapping it and unsnapping it and either snap it at the side or let the "tails" flop.

I also like oversized T shirts (2T or larger for my five month old) for boys and dresses (comfortable knit ones) for girls. pants don't hang right on ds yet, so i just use cute diaper covers (i prefer velcro to snaps) and legwarmers.
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