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Help me find a night time diaper

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I need some help.

During the night, I have had DS in Drybees Nightime Fleece pocket diapers since 1 month old. They work great. BUT….he needs to go up to the next size and I just found out they are no longer being made.

He is a heavy wetter at night. We typically stuff his pockets with a doubler and a prefold and it’s soaked. I really like pockets because they keep his skin dry. I really like fleece so it’s breathable at night.

Any suggestions?
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I've tried everything it seems and the thing working for us right now is a spoosie (Nature Babycare) wraped in a prowrap!
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I use fleece pockets for the night as well. Mine are from Snap-Ez, they are fantastic. I use Cotton Babies inserts though. I have bought Snap-Ez night-time soakers, but one of them is hemp and my baby react to it, so I am trying to sell it. They are pretty good, but for my baby Cotton Babies works as good. Snap-Ez has different weight of the fleece and the least bulky is Lightweight Windpro - that is hat I have.
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I had a hard time finding a good nighttime diaper as well. For 6 month dd what I've finally found to work is:
stay-dry liner (so she doesn't wake up feeling wet)
cotton babies doubler
under the nile fitted
with a wool cover - currently Lovey Bums

No leaks and she seems to be able to sleep longer, too (she doesn't like feeling wet).
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We use a Happy Hempy (pocket fitted w/fleece lining) stuffed with a PF and a hemp insert - covered with wool (Lana or Aristocrat). Works great for us, sometimes he gets a little damp if he nurses a lot overnight and I miss our middle of the night change, but never a leak. Plus the wool lets his skin breathe, and he's rarely even red in the morning (he has *very* sensitive skin).
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They are still being made! There was a wholesale dry-up for a while but they will be restocking very soon so expect to see some for sale shortly!!
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I put ds in a new Heiny Hugger last night. He was in it from 8:30 pm until 8 am this morning. I put a hemp doubler in too. I was shocked this morning when I couldn't feel any wetness on the outside of the fitted! WOW. It is such a thick, soft and absorbent dipe. And the price is good too. Usualy at night he gets a prefold and a doubler and while there are no leaks, the dipe is soaked on the outside. Wow...Heiny Huggers are so absorbent. They take a heck of a long time to dry tho.
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Lately I'm lovin' my blueberry minkies. They really keep DD dry! Good luck!
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i'm thinking about trying very baby simply nights.
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I have fleece pockets from Ariana's Clothesline on Etsy and they are affordable and never leak!
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DS had never had a leakfree night, even in sposies, until I started our current system. He's in a Happy Hempy, fleece lined so he feels dry, stuffed with a Leo Baby Mightier Nighty, with a fleece soaker over the top. I haven't tried wool soakers, but I'd like to. He never gets too hot, since it's all breathable.
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I can not sing the praises of the Very Baby Simply Nights enough. If you are having a hard time like I was with my heavy wetter --- check this diaper out!! EVEN ONE and wash it every day, you will be hooked I swear! You'll need a good wool cover to go over it. I like the loveybums crepe.

Good luck mama! That dipe has a fleece topper -- My verybaby is the only diaper I have synthetic on so that I don't have to change at night. LOVE IT! (actually I have 3 now hee hee)


http://bluelakediapers.com/zen01/ kind of a link, you have to order custom

(ps we have never resorted to disposables --- if you are anti as much as I am you can find the right fit -- it is out there!)
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