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I just hang them back up in my closet for future wear. I don't worry about it being 'worn' already because if it's not pristine, it doesn't go back in. Also, everything that comes out of my closet gets ironed, so that doesn't factor in.
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We have a row of shaker hooks in the bedroom for clothes to rewear.

The kids clothes just get cycled back into their drawers. I give them a quick visual and sniff test, and if they pass, they go back in the drawers. I keep a large basket on top of one dresser where all the kids' clothes (clean or dirty) go when they need to be put away, and my 8yo puts them all away. I can just toss them in the basket to get them out of clutterhood.

Also, in my closet I have a couple of odd-colored hangers that I use to separate clean from rewearable clothes. The rewearable ones go closest to the door, then comes the funny colored hanger, then the clean clothes go beyond that. We do the same for my DH's clothes.

I have to make a really conscious effort to wear the rewearables first. Kind of like using up leftovers. LOL!
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First of all I change into nice clothes every time I leave the house, and out of them once I get home so this is a major issue for me too. I lay all of my worn but clean clothes in a few diff. spots around the house and they kind of pile up until I put them on again or put them away. I usually undress and hang them in the bathroom, or lie them over my dresser. I should really get some hooks, that is a great idea.
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I just hang them over the side of the hamper instead of actually in it if I plan to wear them again. Then when I do a load of laundry I just wash them, too. So the hanging on the side is only between loads.
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Originally Posted by BlessedOne View Post
if wrinkles aren't a deal, have a 'once worn basket'
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I wear each outfit for - at most - half a day. I get home from work and change out of my suit, and then put on a casual outfit. So my clothes certainly don't require a wash after one use. I usually just hang them back up in the closet, to be honest. Unless I've done something strenuous, or spilled something on myself, they're ok for a couple of wearings.

In the kids' room, we have a "re-wear" basket. My daughter is 4, and is in the habit of pulling clothing out of the closet 5 or 6 times a day to change based on how she's feeling (too hot, too cold, wanting to be in a fancy dress). Unfortunatly, she can't hang the clothing back up. So we have a basket there to put clean clothing in, so it doesn't end up all over the floor or mixed in with the dirty laundry. I HATE HATE HATE knowing that I'm washing something that hasn't been worn since the last wash, and just ended up in the dirty laundry because it was a rejected outfit, or was worn for 2 hours.
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We have those hooks that go over the door and use them for our jeans and other clothes we want to wear again.
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I fold the clothes and put them on the bedside table or dresser.
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I've got a coat rack in our room for our bathrobes and I just hang rewears up there. My partner uses a chair next to the dresser, but that gets disorganized quick.
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If its clean enough to rewear, its clean enough to hang with the "clean" clothes. But the clothes I'm going to rewear the next day usually end up in a chair in the bedroom.
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I have a chair next to my bed where I put the outfit on. If it's dressy stuff I've only worn for a couple of hours, I usually just hang it outside for some "airing" and then put it back in the closet.
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For our kids clothes we have a re-wear basket. For us, we drape top/t-shirts on the end post of the bed, and pants gets folded and placed in the closet. I would love for us to use a basket for our tops/shirts though.
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I have a large trunk in my room that I use to store the linens in. I toss the item to be re-worn over it. That way it is off the floor and makes a nifty cat bed : Also, I occasionally re-hang the item then hang it on the back of my door. That might work for you, that way it is not in the closet to be mistaken for being totally clean, and yet it is up off the floor.

I only wear skirts, and I usually wear them at least twice. It depends on what I am doing that day, but I don't usually get them dirty enough to warrent washing each time. My Grandmother told me that you wear your clothes out more in the washing machine than on your back.
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Mine mostly end up on the floor for a week and if it generally gets worn over that time. If not, I usually then refold and put it in a drawer or rehang. Items that fall into this category are not dirty - outer tops, jeans, skirts etc. They may sometimes get folded and put on the blanket box at the end of my bed. Very random!
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