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**July No-Spend Challenge** - It's the last week of July! Finish strong!! - Page 5

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1/23 No-Spend Days
$0/$100 Unnecessary Spending
$0/$250 Credit Card Debt
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: = no spend
= budgeted spending
: = unnecessary spending

7/1 = $16.97 diapers/wipes, $42.50 food
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My key:

:= groceries
=gas (that gets angry face for gas prices)
=necessary spending= dh b-day, car 10k mile check up
:= unnecessary spending
:=no money left my hands

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July 1st
Spent $1.05 on a drink -- falls under unnecessary spending, could have brought something from home.
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Week 1:
Monday, June 30: no spend, no drive
Tuesday, July 1: no spend

$40/week fun money
$1,000/month to CC
1 thrift trip/week
3 no-drive days/week
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Originally Posted by BabySackMom View Post
Hello Im Tami a Disabled-SAHM to 4. I have been living frugally for awhile. We will be moving in the next 6-9 months from CA to TX and I would like to have as much $$ as possible saved up.
Originally Posted by jennlindsey View Post
I'm Jenn, a SAHM and part-time writer/editor, with a 2 year old DD (who is standing on my desk erasing my dry-erase board while singing as I type this!). I really really need to get our budget under control, especially since my DH is facing a court case this month that could impact us really negatively financially. I have been spending way, way too much on groceries too, and need to cut back!
Originally Posted by ShaggyDaddy View Post
I am Peter, dad to Jet(3) and Marvel(2) husband to Aja.

My goal is to keep frivolous spending very low because I want to pay down debt and become a cash only (no credit) household. We live far below our income, because we lived far above it for a while and are paying for it now.
Originally Posted by AutumnMelody View Post
I am very, very much in! I have to put the kids to bed right now, but I will come back and post my info later. Glad to have the support!

: Woo hoo!!!! Welcome to JULY!!!!!!!!!
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7/1 & : It's a good day!

Specific goals...

Total Overspend: $0
No Spend Days: 1/20
Debt Payment: $0/$400
30 minutes/day on business 1/31 :
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July 1st (Canada Day ): $30 for strawberries and slushie, $2.50 for a movie (we were going to use a coupon for a free one but didn't want to waste it on a cheap movie )

ETA: We pulled into a store today that I love to browse but we didn't even make it out of the car . I decided (after no one wanted to go in) to not even bother. That probably easily saved $30 or more that I would of spent :
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It always feels good to start a fresh month - so much promise accompanying the clean slate. Good luck to all of the mamas, both the veterans and newbies!

Kim :

July 1:

* Less than $50 in frivolous spending: month to date $0
* At least 25 days (no spend or spending w/in budget): 1/31
* Pack snacks/water for outings: 1/31
* NO library fines: month to date $0
* Stay within grocery/eating out budget: $0/$500
* ORGANIZE/declutter (lack of organization = spending): 1/25
* Exercise (feeling good = decreased emotional spending): 1/25
* Meal plan created: 0/4 weeks
* Sell rental house by 8/31 - push hard in July...
* Sell motorcycle by 7/15...
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7/1:: $ 38 at Farmers Market
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There is a long story behind why I need this. Basically, 4 years ago or so, we were living well within our means. Doing well, saving, paying down debt (mostly from DH's previous marriage) and able to splurge a bit from time to time. Then we found out that the house we just bought had toxic mold in it, which the kids and I got sick from. Long story short, we got no insurance money for it, can't sell it because of the liability and have to eat the mortgage, but can't live in it. We ended up building another house on the same land, but we had to find a way to pay for that while still paying for the old house ($$$$$$$$). No more savings, lots and lots more debt. Plus, lots of new medical bills and the cost of everything is going up. DH who does the bills, figured out that if we continue to live as we have, in about 2 months we won't be able to pay our mortgage anymore. So, it's time for some serious cutting back. We came up with a lot of little things between us, but I won't bore you with the whole list.

So, my plan is to start trying to drastically cut back our food bills. And basically not spend money on anything else, with the exception of needed medical things, for the month of July.

We have 3 birthdays in July. I knitted a gift for my mom out of yarn I had in my stash. I'll do the same for my friend's baby. For DH's birthday we are skipping the presents, but going to hire a baby sitter for a couple of hours and get him a cheese steak. lol I can't eat them, so I will probably pack food for me.

The only other two expenses I can think of are clothes for ds and supplies for our rainwater collection system. DS basically doesn't have any clothes once he's out of the size he's in now. We can't do hand-me-downs or thrifted clothes due to issues with chemical sensitivities, so when I find good quality stuff through a co-op or on clearance, I pick up a couple of things for the future. And we are planning to set up a rainwater collection system to give us washing water this month (we currently have no running water).
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7/1- $5 co-pay on prescription medication.
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Ack! I thought of two more things...no three! Buying bulk in season food for canning/freezing for winter. And my two older boys may start swimming lessons and Spanish classes may be starting up again.
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So I installed Quicken on my computer a few days ago and I'm LOVING it! I just put in numbers to make a budget and it's so easy and very interesting to see. It made me realize that I have just been blowing a ton of money lately, when I could be spending reasonably and saving over $600 a month! So that's my goal--put at least $600 in savings this month, hopefully even more. I'm really interested to see what my actual numbers look like at the end of this month--I'll get totals and a pretty little graph to analyze. I'm so geeked out on this
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Too tired for the intro . . . will do that tomorrow. I'm already off to a kind of lame start. All I can say is that we spent way too much on groceries last month.

1: : $5 lunch & 6.80 organizer thing and frozen juice concentrate

Truly no spend!
: Groceries
Necessary or planned spending
: unnecessary spending
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I'm Claire, wife to dh, wahm to 2 girls and another baby due in december. I'm no spending 'cause: 1. I've got extra health expenses right now 2. dh is planning a big trip this fall that's going to take a lot of money 3. we'd like to move overseas next year 4.we've been just frittering away money without being aware of it.

I can't remember what else is supposed to be in the intro...

I do need to buy some maternity clothes this month. Also, my girls and I are traveling for 2 weeks to visit family and attend my brother's wedding. I need to set a budget for both of those.

My goals:
Spend less that 75 per week at the grocery store (this is in addition to 1 costco trip per month and a csa)
Spend less than 125 for gas all month long (this is mine, not dh's )
$50 in mad money for myself and the girls for the month
15 no spend at all days


no spend
out of budget/unplanned
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first day:

$5 starbucks - was already expecting to spend that. totally within budget. :
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7/ 1 - (Bills and Food) $18

: No Spend Days 0/20
: Out of budget spending 0/0
Budget Spending Days 1/11
Money made from small work at home job saving for DD1 Birthday 1/31
Goal Money for Birthday $28/$200
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Im Whitney, I do this to keep myself in check. I just want to stop spending so much money on silly things and put it into savings. Although this month I need to buy something sfor the new baby, so it wont be as cehap as I like it!
Budget Spending:
NonBudget Spending::

1st: $6 Lunch :
3rd: veggies budgeted 20
5th:Veggies unbudgeted: 19.00 Dinner out 17.00
7th dont
12th: want
17th: to
18th: talk
19th: about
20th :it

June 30th-July 6th:75 miles
14th-20th:119 (DH took car 3-4 times)
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July 1 - Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!

No spend days 1/20


No spend
budgeted/necessary spending
frivolous/unbudgeted spending
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