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Ugh! My SIL knows we don't vax and has other crunchy family members too. I hate hearing about how my poor nieces and nephews always have a reaction after getting the latest round of vaxes. I always wonder why she tells me since it makes me cringe inside and I think she knows it. It does feel really weird. I don't tell her about other crunchy stuff we do that I know she doesn't like unless she asks.
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So the weirdness never ends. It is mainly when one friend tells me about her sons reaction to the vax like a fever for 48 hours. Her DH is the son of a surgeon and they are all abou the vaxing so I feel weird because he is so provax. I have never tried to really convince her because I know there is no way her DH would even think about it.

On a positive note by sister and her husband are having boy in Sept and they are not vaxing!

My FIL does not know we don't vax and he said to me 2 nights ago, you better get him his shots cause there are a lot of bad diseases out there. I just stayed quiet and changed the subject. Worked like a charm!
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Honestly I have never felt weird telling anyone that we don't vax. But, I'm a sahm and we don't do a lot of group things with other people. Our church is pretty no-vax AND vax friendly. So, I have a feeling that I simply haven't come into contact with the type of person who would make me feel weird talking about not vaxing. I have no problem bringing it up on my own, telling a complete stranger, or a neighbor... or answering if asked. Today for example, Ds1 wanted to go next door to see the 'doggies'. So we did, the daughter lives there and had a son about 5 months ago. I walk up and we start chatting as we have on a few occasions. Conversation goes like this:

Me: Does your little one see Dr. **** here in town, too?

Her: Yeah.

Me: *shaking head* Every time we go he gives me a long spiel and TONS of pamphlets about vaccinations! He drives me crazy!!

Her: So, you don't vaccinate your kids?

Me: Nope.

Her: How does that work with school?

Me: Oh you just have to fill out the exemption form that says "I don't vaccinate my child." (Said very matter of factly.)

Her: Oh.

**End of conversationt** **No weirdness**
I hope that maybe I've planted a small seed in her mind that there are people who actually don't vaccinate! Who knows if it will have any effect. If the opportunity comes up, I will probably try to see if she is receptive to more in-depth info about it. I guess I better read up and refresh all my facts and statistics!
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I talk about not vaccinating as much as I can. I want more people to understand why we don't vaccinate and try to tell them how poisonous they actually are. I tell them that I have done alot of research like reading books and taking an online antivaccinations class. If they don't like it, too bad. I know we are making the right choices. Don't stop talking about it. Spread the word. We need to get people informed of the dangers.
My friend, who stopped vaccinating, was at the home of another friend of ours. The friend who vaccinates said she was a little nervous having her children around unvaccinated children. What kind of sense does that make? If her children are vaccinated, why should she be nervous about contacting anything? The vaccinated children are always sick-ear infections, etc. Her son is on prevacid(or something like that). She works for a doctor and gives her children OTC meds at the drop of a hat. We are still working on her(haha). She is starting to come around.

Lynn wife of Chris(17 years), mother of Colby,6 and Chase, 5 months
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I know that "weird" feeling.
I don't bring it up and I don't volunteer that my kids aren't vaxed even when it's the topic of conversation. If someone asks me straight out, I don't lie though.

My dd goes to a co-op preschool where the parents pretty much run everything and it actually bugs me that so many know that my dd isn't vaxed. I turned in a religious exemption since my state doesn't allow philosophical exemptions and my doc wasn't into giving me a medical one.
The pediatrician knows too, of course, and I feel weird talking to her about it too....even though she has never given me any grief. In fact she said when we were ready for chicken pox she could probably set me up and that I should try to get my kids chicken pox while they're still nursing because MY natural immunity will help them to have a milder case.
I guess I worry about those stories I hear about people being accused of neglect or abuse for not vaxing...and I don't want to deal with that, so the fewer folks who know the better.
But it does feel weird.
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have you looked to see if you have a holistic moms network in your area?

i chose not to talk about vax to friends who do vax..i find they are not as open minded about it. they just think im insane.
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With some of my friends, I just don't ever bring it up.

I have a dear friend who is on my wavelength with many things, but is very, very, very much a doctor-worshipper. She thinks that Jenny McCarthy's book should be "illegal" (her words). So I definitely don't bring it up with her anymore. She claims she did her own "research" but when prompted, is unaware of what vaxes her DS has received!
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