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what color would you paint a laundry room?

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I'm trying to come up with ideas...
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personally something bright and happy- yellow, apricot, light blue. I can't stand a dark one when I seem to spend some time in there.
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I vote for light blue with white trim! Crisp and clean.
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Any happy color that you love. Something that will make it seem light and airy. I'd probably go with periwinkle or apple green, but pick what YOU love!
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yellow...rose...something clean and cheerful, with white trim
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Another vote for yellow. I'm actually gonna paint my laundry room this weekend, and yep..it's yellow!
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Oooh, I'm painting mine this summer! Lime green...happy and bright.
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I picked a very light purple for mine, with white trim. It's also a bathroom.
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I also vote for whatever color you love. Also if you like wallpaper border they have some very cute ones with laundry themes...clothes on a line, old washboards, etc. Just go to any wallpaper web site and do a search for laundry or laundry room. I would love to do that at about chair rail height!
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There's always white .
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All of the cabinets in my laundry room are cream colored and I have this washer and dryer. We're going to put a light sand colored formica countertop over them. So I'm leaning toward a light blue, almost white color for the walls. I agree with everyone else: the lighter the better. My laundry rooms have always felt like caves and I REALLY want something light and airy for once!
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i would do a fun color i'm too scared to use elsewhere in the (more public areas of the) house! probably something citrus-inspired. tangerine? lime? something crisp and bright.
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we recently looked at a house that had a red laundry room (ok, it was more of a closet than a room!) and it looked great.
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I would do turquoise, because it's my favorite color. But you should probably do your favorite color. If I wasn't going to do that, I'd go with sky blue or a fern green.
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I agree that you should go with a- something you love and b- something light, clean and fresh!

I have a medium green in mine, it's connected to the kitchen and it's the same color. 3 years and still makes me very very happy when I see those rooms!
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I'm soon to paint my tiny mudroom/laundry room in Bonny Cream (a pastel yellow), by Behr paints. It's the same color as my kitchen and dining area, which connect to the laundry room--bright, happy, and ensures continuity instaed of "choppiness."
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mine is a lime green but looks more like 'granny smith apple' green I LOVE IT
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A happy color. For me those might be yellow or blue.

Have fun!
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i just painted mine a color called lemonade........it looks a little more like limeade to me, but i loooooooooooove that room now. it's little and i spend so mch time in there. i put up some shelves and a hanging bar and my laundry life is soooooo much better now. i love my laundryroom.
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Grey and then the lint won't show

I'd probably do a pale yellow with white trim.
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