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Syracuse NO/Delayed VAX Doctors?

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Help on anyone who may know of any Ped's or Docs that allow you to change the vax schedule?
Any help would be wonderful.
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How far are you willing to travel?
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Bumping this thread to see if there are any responses!! We might be moving to the syracuse area in the future and would be looking for a good Ped as well!
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I haven't found a ped in the area that is ok with delayed or selective vax's.

there are a couple family practice md's that are ok with delaying vax's or selectively vax that I know of.

pm me and maybe I can help
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Try calling Syracuse Pediatrics. There is a group of three docs.

They have been very supportive to my parenting choices (although I have only delayed chicken pox)
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This ped is listed on the Dr. Sears site as being delayed or no-vax friendly. Manlius is not far at all from Syracuse - a suburb really. I haven't tried her yet, but we plan to at some point.

Lori L. Anderson, M.D.
Family Care Medical Group
308 W. Seneca Street
Manlius, NY 13104
(315) 682-5080
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She's great. We see her! She takes her time with you and is ap herself!
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Oh, that is GREAT to hear! Thanks so much for sharing that!
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