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5-HTP for PMDD?

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Does anyone take this for PMDD? And if so, how much B6, calcium and magnesium (if any) do you take?

How much 5-HTP do you take and do you fluctuate the dosage depending on where you are at in your cycle?

What birth control, if any, are you on? DH doesn't completely trust FAM, so until he gets the V, I'm most likely getting the Mirena again. I don't think it worsened my PMS before but who knows.

I used to take B vits when TTC. It helped regulate my cycles a bit more. So I am wanting to start those up again, but I've been reading about 5-HTP for PMDD as well and want to try that.

I just really want to try something more natural or my next step will be the dr who will stick me on Paxil or similar, I am sure. :
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How about going to a ND or a midwife with experience or training in this? It sounds like you could use some professional help. A Dr. isn't the only option. (Even if you have to pay out of pocket...you are worth it!!)
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But when you can't afford to pay out of pocket..

Nevermind anyway. Today is worse than ever. I've asked if DH will come home early so I can go into urgent care. I don't care what they put me on at this point, I can't deal with this for much longer.
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Gee Ubermama, you don't sound so good. Trust your gut and get some help. I hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
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It's just the anger. I don't know where it comes from. Right now I feel okay but I know at any moment the bad feelings could start again.

DH can't get off early (he'd lose his job). So I'll go in tomorrow. I'm having terrible cramps right now. If it were later and the kids were asleep, I'd take a Vicodin (that they gave me after my c/s but I never needed). I have a high pain tolerance yet these cramps are bad. AF isn't due for another week! I am just in shock at all of this going on.
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I've had some problems with rage related to mood...and it was helped by an SSRI. I know how tough it can be when you don't feel like you have control over your mood.

Can you get a break from the kiddos from a family member or friend? OBviously dh can't come home right now.

Sometimes you just have to take it one hour at a time. How can you get through this next hour? Does heat help your pain? Some sort of relaxation routine? Stretching or meditative breathing? Just brainstorming here.
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I'll be okay. Two more hours until the kids go to bed. Then I'll shower. I'll get fast food once DH is home from work.. not the best idea but it'll comfort me for the night, I know that. I can go into urgent care tomorrow then. I am just not looking forward to this because I had to fight our insurance/dr to get DH help earlier this year.. and I know I'll be in for a fight again for myself. :/ Oh well.

I would have my BF or MIL come over but I need to clean more and have no desire to do so.. and it absolutely frustrates me to know someone sees my messy house, so it's not worth them coming over (plus MIL would just push me to tell her what is up). It's more trouble than it's worth basically.

Sorry, not trying to shoot down ideas nor sound so down in the dumps. I'm just trying to make it through tonight. Just knowing that DH isn't work Sat or Sun is making me feel a wee bit better at least.

Thank you!
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Okay 2 more hrs until bed. Yup, just gotta get through!
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