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A memory board is similar to a bulletin board but with criss-crossed ribbons instead of cork and pushpins. Here's a link: http://www.lhj.com/lhj/story.jhtml?s...ref=cat4100028

I will post the Irish cream recipe later today -- I don't have the recipe on hand. It's super yummy and always very well received!!

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Homemade Irish cream
14 oz. Irish whiskey
14 oz. Eagle sweetened condensed milk
1 C. (1/2 pint) whipping cream
4 eggs
2 Tbs. chocolate syrup
2 tsp. instant coffee
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. almond

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Consume within 7 days (that hasn't ever really been a problem here!).

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My son came up with this idea for "I Spy" fanatics. He made a collage with shells, buttons, sequins, tissue, foam shapes, pasta, etc. The collage was done on a self-adhesive rectangle so when he was done he sprinkled every remaining sticky part with glitter. Then he and I sat down and made up rhyming verses to go with the board he had made. He was very thrilled with the results.
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Does anyone have any ideas for this year? I need to get started early because we have our second baby due in early December!
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I am making personalized magnetic paper dolls. I used this website:


You can upload the child's face into the program. The magnetic paper was kind of expensive, 15 dollars for 5 sheets at Office Depot. Anyone know where I can get it cheaper?
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I am making a batik silk scarf for my newest SIL using this technique I saw on TV:


I have a big ol' playsilk, undyed, that I was given and my son doesn't have any interest in. So I will dye that. She is a ladybug maniac, so I will make the ladybug pattern either w/a cookie cutter or w/2 biscuit cutters bent to shape. And then dye red, w/a stash of Koolaid I found on crazy sale (like 5 cents a packet at the salvage store). So, a gorgeous gift plus it will cost less than a quarter to make!
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I am making some of these dolls for my kids and for my nieces. I love all of her patterns and ideas.

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I lost my bubble bath recipe...anyone have one? I know I need castille soap, glycerin and eos but can't remember the amounts...TIA!
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Keep out the cold

Just found an interesting idea: You know those bottom of the door pillows that keep out the cold, well here is a great way to make them!!

Cold Crittershttp://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and...&craftid=11565 snake and doggy
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just subbing...hope to be back later
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Bump. I love this thread.
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I have a few ideas for this christmas;

A tooth fairy pillow for nephew who is 5. plus maybe some inexpensive artsy stuff.

Irish Cream (from recipe above) for BIL, my brothers

Slippers (link above) for DS

Cup cozy for my parents-they will love it w/a pocket for DS's pic.

How cute are these!!! I was thinking about making them for DS, but they may be too hard for me. Please someone make them.

The microwave peanut brittle and apple butter I made a few years ago.

SIL and MIL are nearly impossible-I have no ideas for them.

Ooh-I just thought of another idea for nephew. (They want us to get him some legos, but can't afford it.) I could get a wood box from Michael's, paint it and make a fabric lego for the top. Cover the top w/primary color fabric and make 8 large circles and sew them on top to look like a giant lego. Then he could store his legos in it and it would look cute in his room.
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We (dh and I) wood burn little boxes for children's birthday gifts.
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My sister made really good, really easy fudge...microwave a can of frosting, chocolate chips...I have to check the amount...half a bag or a whole bag??, and a stick of butter. Really easy, really yummy. Fills an 8x8 pan.
I'm going to do a little for everyone!!
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Here's a Sock Stick Horse tutorial - it's really easy, really fast, and really inexpensive.

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I am trying to make different kinds of inexpensive gift baskets:

Homemade art supply kit for my nephew and beginning embroidery kit for my two older girls:


Also, I plan on making stationery kits for some of the gals in my family. Inexpensive, coordinating journals, note pads, magnet sets, pretty pens. I like searching the stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, or Tuesday Morning for great deals on stationery. I have all the materials except I need to find a basket or place them in a small tote bag. So far, I've only spent $6 and the sets are really pretty.

I haven't done this yet, but I'm dying to make a few of these too:

Altered clipboards
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