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Recipe blogging ethics

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So lets say that I have a recipe that I minorly altered from another recipe (in a book or web or whatever) and I want to post that recipe on a blog because it is the best recipe ever, what is the etiquette? I looked on the googlez and it seems that the list of ingredients isn't copyrighted but the write up of the preparation is. It seems that the proper thing to do is write down the ingredients, write up my own prep howto and credit the place I got the recipe.

What do you think/do?
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Your plan sounds like a good one. Especially since you took a recipe and adapted it. You could be sure to say something like "THis recipe is adapted from the 'beefy chili stew' in such-and-such a book by so-and-so."

Angela <><
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Exactly. I have heard the same thing (that it's okay to duplicate the ingredients list, but that the instructions need to be put into your own words). I generally do what Angela suggested and mention where the recipe came from (book, magazine, website, author, etc.) and mention how I've adapted it (whole wheat flour, different spices, and so on).
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I've put a few recipes online which I altered (fairly significantly--streamlined method, tweaked a few ingredients etc). I wouldn't consider it ethical to put the same recipe up with the instructions just rewritten (ie. changing 'Sift together flour and cocoa' to 'In a large bowl, sieve the dry ingredients together'). That seems very dodgy, even if it's legal--you haven't created anything, just paraphrased. Of course, I guess selling the recipe as an article is different from putting it on a personal, non-money-making blog; in the latter case I guess it'd be OK, as long as you prefaced it with something like 'Wow, I just tried Alison Holst's Neenish Tarts recipe', with a hyperlink to her site/cookbook.

I dunno, murky waters!
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See, it seemed a little dodgy to me but in all cases I altered at least one ingredient. Sometimes I changed some of the oil for ground flaxseed or changed the presentation (involved figuring out cooking times for mini-muffins rather than loaf), that sort of stuff. Basically I started blogging what I am feeding DD to keep me out of the same old-same old rut. I don't plan to make money at it, it is just for fun and accountability. I do plan to cite any recipes that aren't significantly my own but I wondered about posting the changed versions. KWIM?

Here is an article I was reading for info on copyright law in the US that pertains to articles.

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maybe I am wrong, but I use recipes for ideas, I change them extensively. Maybe in another part of the blog I would list the books that influenced me, but if I alter the recipe ALOT, then it is mine. I may be wrong though
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