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Halah- hope that it is soon. Sounds promising

Mamapenelope- Alaska isn't that far from Michigan right! I'm on my way, your food sounds sooooo good. Hoping you ctx keep going and get stronger and stronger.

Nothing here. Still healing from the flu/bronchitis. Nasty cough, DS and DD have also developed the cough. I'm obviously feeling better and am HUNGRY, without much energy to cook. I haven't had anything even remotley resembling early labor since I got sick a week ago. Good too, I did not want to birth ill.

I am more pregnant than I have ever been before. Don't laugh 39 weks, 2 days I have this niggly little sing-songy voice in the back of my head syaing "You're gonna go over, you're gonna go over" LOL! That will be lesson #2 for me to learn first hand. Just hoping my lessons don't continue into labor, although I'm sure they will and I KNOW I've forgotten what labor feels like. I just don't need any lessons in posterior babies, strange positions, etc
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eva's here

long long long story very short. she was born via c-section on 10/16 after a 48 hour induction. her heart rate went down to the low 40's and then to the 70's, she wasn't handling well at all.

she was 9lbs. 2 oz., 20.5 inches. she's healthy and beautiful and i'm so happy the whole ordeal is over. it was very traumatizing and it's all still sinking in.

breastfeeding is going slow. my nipples are very very sore, we had to start her on the SNS (a NIGHTMARE), cause she lost 12% of her weight in 3 days. i've talked to about 5 lactation consultants at the hospital, till i finally found the one who was able to help. her latch is still too shallow, she's a voracious nursing, and i put her at the breats as many times a day as i can (about once an hour) so my nipples are paying the consequesnces. i'm working on improving the latch, she's just so anxious to get started, and gives me no time with a big enough open mouth to get enough of the nipple in. today was the first day i was able to pump some actual milk (about 3ccs) so i'm hopeful.

i'm exhausted, sore, and i can't wait to feel better soon.

my baby is precious. i love her so much and i'm so thankful everything is ok with her.

i'm feeling quite defeated about how it all went and it will take some time till i feel good about it.

anyway, i guess i'll post more soon, but not sure. i'm totally out of it, just wanted to give you all an update.

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congrats ana! welcome eva!
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Welcome Eva

Sorry to hear about your difficult birth Ana. Allow yourself time to grieve, and give extra attention to yourself and your daughter. I know you made the best choices you could and will find strength and grow from Eva's birth, even if it's not in the way you anticipated.
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(((HUGS))) Ana....and Congrats!!! Enjoy your new little bundle. I hope nursing gets better for you. By nipples cracked and bled this time around....not fun. I sympathize.
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(((Ana))) and welcome little Eva!

Having birthed both of my kids by cesarian I can sympathize with what you refer to as feeling "defeated". Just know that it was necessary for the safety of your little one and you made the right decision under the circumstances. Give yourself lots of extra time to deal with all the intense feelings and don't forget that you had a birth too, not just a "section". There's a "Cesarian Support Circle" in the Birth and Beyond forum, I think you'll find some great
support with us there.
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SO I have been contracting all afternoon. Sat down to play at the computer and started to time, surprised to find out they are 5-8 min apart and definitly start at the top and push down! Well see
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Re: eva's here

Originally posted by anabean
she was 9lbs. 2 oz., 20.5 inches. she's healthy and beautiful
Yay, that is wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I'm sorry it was so traumatic for you, though.

i'm working on improving the latch, she's just so anxious to get started, and gives me no time with a big enough open mouth to get enough of the nipple in.
I have had this same problem, and I just end up latching her on anyway after awhile. With my first, I ended up with cracked and bleeding nipples that burned, but this time it never got that bad. They have just felt pretty bruised. Every once in awhile it's like she gets just the tip of the nipple which hurts even more, and I realize that must have happened a lot with Molly because I think that is what caused the cracked nipples. I still have some soreness in my right nipple, but fortunately it has gotten better. I'm more aggressive with the c position of my hand, and I end up shaping the nipple more to fit in her mouth better during the latch on part, so I think that helps.

Hope the nursing gets easier for you soon!
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How exciting that we'll be having some new babies here soon. My little one will be 2 weeks old tomorrow!
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Ana - congratulation and welcome Eva! I'm so sorry it was traumatizing but am so glad Eva is healthy.
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Hi Ana and welcome finally to Eva! Wow another 9+lb baby.
for your long ordeal running up to the birth and then the c-section. I hope you heal fast and that the nursing will soon improve (it WILL). These newborn days can be nerve-wracking, but are still so precious. Immerse yourself in the beauty of it.

Well, the backache just turned out to be a backache...it came back a few times yesterday but nothing dramatic. Contractions still of the BH variety but way more of them. We saw our friends and took ds to a church pumpkin patch to pick out his "pumpkin moonshine" he was ecstatic running around the field repeating, "SO many pumpkins!!!" :LOL There IS something rather happy about all those orange globes laid out on pallets. We took some pictures of ds and me in the pumpkin patch, with him hugging my big belly...they should come out cute.

Halloween/October is my favorite time of year and I'm glad I'm having a baby in this month. I'm also glad it got a little cooler out. I can breathe again.

Mamapenelope, I've got the urge to make some bread and soup for this labor...I'm just afraid to start too early or I will *surely* eat it all! I have a sugar pie pumpkin to make pumpkin-bread soup, it's my favorite. You put your bread cubes and milk etc. in the hollow pumpkin and bake it, then you eat it out of the pumpkin shell. I only make it once a year, and I can't freeze it because I already froze like 6 meals for after the baby and can't fit one more thing in...

Well it's 6am and my eyes won't work properly so I'm gonna go lay back down till ds wakes up...
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Still here. Contractions died out after 1Am or so. I slept, woke up and they started back at 4-7 minutes apart. Lots of mucous Still not strong enought to be certain it will continue.
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Halah - yum! That pumpkin soup sounds delish - would you PM me the recipe? I too love this time of year, the turning of the leaves, cooler weather, etc. I swear the air smells nicer in fall. Now thinking about the pumpkins I'll have to make some pumpkin gnocchi for freezing (thankfully I have a freezer in the basement!). The pumpkin and potato in the gnocchi taste so good together - oh! and some pumpkin bread. I'll have to head off to the orchard/pumpkin patch today. Already did my apples (we now have applesauce and apple butter for the next year), and also canned some for pie filling.

Jen - sorry to hear the contractions petered out. Hopefully today will be more productive for you, and Halah and Penelope and me. I have to say, I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I'm just at the point where I need a rest (from work that is). Getting out of bed and motivated has become really difficult this past week even though I'm still sleeping through the night (but get out of my way in the morning - even the dogs know don't block the way to the bathroom). I'm just ready to have this baby and focus on him, my mind is definately not on pension committiments, endowment spending and investment performance (although normally I love this stuff). KWIM? I think once you pass 38 weeks, you should not have to expend mental energy on anything else but your family and youself. Think I can get the written into a maternity leave policy?

Had a few contractions yesterday. DH was laughing at me yesterday. I was waving this cute little wooden fish toy in front of my belly saying "Emmett, look what I have for you. Just come on out." Well bribery doesn't work but gave us a good chuckle.

Well off to clean the house and do laundry (and to the punpkin patch!). Have a good day ladies. Let's have some more babies!
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It all stopped Very frustrating, found out that last night when things slowed a mom we work with had her baby, guessing my body was being polite:LOL . Wondering who I am waiting for now, hoping it picks back up this evening. I am SO cranky and everything smells awful. I know my hormones are going a mile a minute and I feel like I'm just waiting for my body to figure this out and go. Did get some housecleaning and the shopping done though
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Don't worry Jen...you're not waiting on me...SO quiet today. For just a moment yesterday, I thought something would start...but today nothing. I hear you on the crankiness too. I thought I would lose my mind alone at home today with ds. I had a vague headache and just wanted to sleep. I'm not sure how I made it all the way through today.

I think I am just ready for something new. I'm ready to see this baby, to know if it's a boy or a girl, to put tiny diapers on it and fret over its cord, to try to teach it to nurse (and remember how myself, it's been over a year), and I'm ready to have my MIL come down and take care of us for a week or 2, and just get in bed and have my babymoon. I'm so tired of cooking, bending over mountains of laundry, picking toys off the floor, answering Ds's why questions until my head wants to explode. I just want a week or two off before I have to do it all together...simultaneously. Uh....is it too late to change my mind? :LOL
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Definitely Waiting

Hi waiting mothers:
I have been reading along on and off your threads...
I can feel for all those waiting mothers....
This is my due date week. So far, I have been very patient, but slowly this gives way to a new feeling. A mix between anticipation and impatience!
Last night, for the first time during my pregnancy I felt like drinking wine! I shared a few sips with my husband to celebrate the arriving of the end of week 40. Then I felt like dancing. I got all dressed up showing off my voloupcious decollete (normally not much to show!!) and wearing a lofty long skirt. Then DH "had to" dance with me in our living room to South American sounds. Not easy with that big belly. But it felt so great! He couldn't figure out if this kind of reaction came from the wine or if this was just another pregnancy symptome....
I have had very strong bx contractions the last couple of weeks. They go all the way into my plevic flor. It feels as if an old wooden ship is shifting and moving and aching. This feels great though, someting is going on...
I wish you all good luck!
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Hi Ostara, welcome!

Sounds like a lovely night with your husband...I had a little wine & cheese party just me and my dh the night before Ds was born...we watched old home movies and just tried to relax...Unfortunately I woke up with a wine headache 3 hours later and in real labor... ....Hey but it was nice while it lasted!

We might have ourselves a little get together like that if I reach my due date...minus the wine, I can't seem to tolerate even a tiny amount of it this pg. I think it's important for me to keep making plans and trying to do things "before the baby comes" instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself like I did yesterday...to celebrate this special time of transition instead of just waiting it out so impatiently. Easier said than done though.

My midwife came over, I had her check me again out of curiosity, not that I thought anything changed. But she thought I'd made some progress, still 80% effaced but now dialated a little bit, and the baby is -1 station and in a good anterior position. I'm going to try to do a bit of walking this week. Everything looked positive and she was in high spirits which rubbed off on me.

I also started being able to express some colostrum, which I'm ridiculously pleased about Last time I never saw the colostrum, was really nervous my baby was getting *nothing* for days. Then the assistant mw (who I otherwise loved, but will never forgive for this!) SQUEEZED the hell out of the end of my left nipple to "prove" that I had some there...now my nipple was not only sore, it was swollen and bruised and proceeded to crack..and that was the side ds preferred! Oh, it made that first week of nursing that much harder. Why, why, why? Well no one is coming near my boobs this time. She wasn't even expressing the breast the right way anyway.:

I like your metaphor about the wooden ship creaking and shifting, ostara. More like trying to launch a ship out of a narrow necked bottle :LOL
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Dear waiting mothers:

It is good to know not to be the only one out there waiting! Yesterday, my midwife predicted the birth for this week, after she had checked me. Well, we shall see! Everybody is in waiting position here. My dh - keeping his mobile close to him at work, the babysitter for our older daughter and of course the whole family and our friends calling in to find out.
Happy Day!
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Penelope, I can't believe you are still here! For some reason I thought you would go before your due date. I was 41 weeks 2 days when I went into labor. Sending labor vibes to all the October mommies!
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You seem so graceful about the situation! You will be there soon!This Saturday is New Moon. My dd was born just before a New Moon. The nurses in the hospital told me that they always had more births on Full and New Moons.
Can you tell me what an NST is?
I have been sleeping like an angel through this pregancy, but since 3 nights that's history. I am so exited I wake up in the middle of the night. I just made myself a cup of hot milk - that always helps to get me back in bed.
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