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Anyone still nauseous?

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Because I still am..... And it just blows!!!! I have been able to cut my zofran down, but the more that I am able to feel this baby move around, the more ill I feel. Tonight after half a grilled cheese I could eat no more, and thought that was coming back to visit me. This baby is so much more active than my first was and more movement seems to mean more nausea
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I am!!! This is about the time it stopped with my daughter so I hope it goes away soon!
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Me! I felt terrible the last few days and today was OK...but who knows? Everytime I start to think I am getting better, it all comes back. :/
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Yep. I'm able to eat, but I still really struggle with drinking. I was feeling a lot better, but I've gone downhill. They tried to get me back on a regular diet, and it's just not working for me. I'm almost to my pre-preg. weight, so that's a good thing. I'm not counting on feeling better, though. I never did with DS, and I am not going to get my hopes up this time.
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I don't anticipate the sickness going away from me. I love how I get a double whammy - nausea... and all day heartburn so so intense that I throw up from that. I occasionally have a day, maybe two where I don't throw up... but it's very rare.

I am thankful my life is busy and I just get consumed by other stuff. I deal with the sickness and try not to let it bug me too much. Spending a whole pregnancy feeling miserable... can't do it this time!
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Not with this pregnancy but with my first with DS I was so sick I threw up every day including the first day I was in labor. The degree of nausea subsided but the nausea never completely went away. I am so happy this pregnancy is much easier. Good Luck
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