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Stupd Things Mothers Say

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I have read some stories on the Internet, heard them from my friends, but my mom (and actually my whole family and dh's family) has always been super supportive of us. This is my third child, so you'd think if my mom was gonna say something stupid she'd done it by now, but no. Today she came to town and suggested that Sage, at 7 weeks, needs to exercise! At first, I thought she was kidding. DH made a joke about getting him a treadmill. Then we realized, she wasn't kidding and actually suggested we talk to the pediatrican about his weight! OMG! What a nut!!!
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oh my!

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Oh wow!
My mother actually did talk to me about my oldest daughter's weight before she was even a year old! Her weight was perfectly normal, and she definitely had healthy-looking baby fat all over her body. She was soooo adorable, and I've seen babies much bigger than her. Still, my mother thought we needed to do something to cut her calories.... She was 100% breastfed at the time.
With my firstborn, he was rather skinny once he crossed over to toddlerhood. His Dr. recommended we add butter and cream to all of his meals! Yuck! We didn't, and he's at a healthy weight to this day (he's 10 years old).
Is your Mom afraid that your 7-week old is turning into a couch potato??
He IS getting a lot of exercise just by being a baby.
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tell her he's too busy growing the rest of his skull to exercise.

My family seems a little obsessed with James' weight, but I think its because he had such a difficult time eating in the beginning. He's making up for it though...he gains an average of 2 ounces a day!
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dramatic sarcasim ahead....

So, just how fat is this obese little one?

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Sage is over 12 pounds but he's also 25 inches tall (that was at his 6 week visit). He's just a big guy, very tall, and kinda chunky. I think my mom's scale is off cause both my other kids were super skinny, 5th percentile. She made another comment after that that maybe I shouldn't always feed him when he's hungry. Her husband made her find some of my old baby pics and low and behold- he looks just like me! Ha! That shut her up, for a while anyway ;-)
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I did hear a news story just in the last day or two that suggested the exercising your little one might reduce the risks of SIDS. However, how crazy to suggest that a newborn is over weight.
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He sounds fabulously yummy and I want to chew on him! My two previous babes have been skinny ones too. This one is chubbier but not really chubby. I just love fat little babies! So cute and smooshie....and perfectly healthy!
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