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I went to see this film with my husband (we love Pixar), and it was wonderful. I was amazed how much they could accomplish with the character development even though the robots do very little talking. The end credits were also enjoyable.

I think that there is definitely a "take care of the earth" message (or at least anti-consumerism) that can be seen in this movie. However, the director was not going for a main statement about the environment or obesity, but that "irrational love defeats life's programming". It's about the search for love.
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I can't add anything to the pp's without spoiling it, but it was a beautiful movie. I loved it! DS2 loved it (although, I really think I got more of a message out of it than he did.)

I'm taking DS1 next week.
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We're going (to a dinner theater OMG so excited!!!) tomorrow night. I can't wait and neither can my daughter. She's been waiting for this one a long time.
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We saw it last night and LOVED it. :::
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Glad it's well liked. Maybe I'll take ds this week.
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Originally Posted by AuntNi View Post
I absolutely *hated* it! We walked out just as the obese kids in motorized chairs came on the screen. So did another family. Did it at least have a good ending?
May I ask why this caused you to walk out?

Just trying to understand. (I'm wondering if you found it too enabling of obesity, or not sensitive enough toward obesity.)

And yes, it had a very good ending.
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I'd like to hear more about that scene, please.
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It's not kids in motorized chairs, it's adults. Well, it's actually everyone, but the ones you see in the first scene are adults. In short, the lower gravity in space, plus having robots wait on everyone (literally) hand and foot, has caused everyone to become hugely fat and weak. It's not just the fat, they've lost bone structure as well, and can't stand up on their own. They're constantly "plugged in" to their computers/phones/etc and drink all their meals out of a cup.

It sounds lamer than it is. Actually, the humans turn out to be pretty cool. They've spent 700 years in an inanely "perfect" environment, and they've grown soft, but as soon as they're given a chance, they start waking up.
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Originally Posted by A&A View Post
May I ask why this caused you to walk out?
We were already on our way out as I caught that on the screen. It just caused me to heave a big huff as I hair-flipped out. Two reasons we left: 1) 6-yo DD was bored and 2) my mom and I were appalled at how heavy-handed the message was, and didn't think a 6-yo needed to be subjected to the post-apocalyptic scenery. In our everyday lives, I'm constantly teaching her to live a "greener" life, but in a gentle, loving way. I mean, I wouldn't let her watch "An Inconvenient Truth" because I thought it would scare her. I found this much more disturbing.

It sounds like by not staying until the end, we missed the real message of the movie. But I'm not sorry we left - I didn't feel it was appropriate for children, nor enjoyable to me.
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It's not showing here yet But my kids can't wait to see it, and i'm glad it's been getting good reviews.
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We just got back. I liked it but I didn't love it. That is mainly due to the fact that it didn't hold my 4yo's interest and he was constantly moving about and I finally had to take him to the hallway. My 6yo loved it and we were talking about the 'moral' of the story on the way home.
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Hmm, I think I'll end up waiting. Maybe I'll go see it myself first in order to decide if ds will like/get it.
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I took my 2 older children to see it. I really liked it and DS (age 6) enjoyed it, although I had to explain a lot of it to him. DD (3.5) was bored to death and fidgeted until she finally fell asleep. I do think it was an important message, and well done, but it won't necessarily captivate the little ones. At least not MY little one!
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Loved the movie! My big kids loved it, too. Very good sci-fi story!
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We went and saw it as a family today. It was okay.

The part that bothered me (and kinda tainted the movie for me in general) was the portrayal of the obese, lazy chair riding people. Aren't there enough stereotypes out there about obese people? I mean, really, does a kids movie need to drive home the obese=lazy nonsense that obese people get subjected to every day?

And the first 20 minutes went extremely slowly.
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can I ask if there is a post-credits scene?
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We went yesterday.
Dd (8), dh and I all liked it.
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Originally Posted by KaraBoo View Post
can I ask if there is a post-credits scene?
We waited. There wasn't one. But the Peter Gabriel song at the end made the wait so worth it!! :

I can't believe that there were folks who didn't like it! My DH can't stop raving about it. He wants to go see it again. He's changed his Myspace background to a picture of Wall-E and he got the soundtrack. So, if anyone is wondering, it's a good movie for DHs.

I thought that the environmental message was loud and clear, but that is what we NEED. IMO, humans NEED to see what we are doing to the planet, and if we don't WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING that Wall-E world will turn out to be real.
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We took ds to see it on Friday morning since he was chomping at the bit for it to finally come out. He and dh had been watching trailers for it for about a year.

We really liked it. Ds said he didn't like it as much as he hoped he would because he said there wasn't enough talking. There were also a couple of scenes that were highly emotional for him and he cried. Once out of sadness and once because he was "Just so happy". He is a very emotional and sensitive six year old, though. I would absolutely reccomend it to anyone!
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DH and I loved it, but it was too slow and subtle for the 4yo and 6 yo we were with, and we actually had to leave a little early. There's very little dialog, and the kids liked it at first, but lost interest after the first hour. Better for kid with longer attention spans, I guess.
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