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info on goat milk

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I am looking for information on giving goat milk to my 10 month old ds. I know it is better than cow's milk, but thats all i really know. Is there something else thats better than goats milk? can it do all the horrible things that cow milk can? : Any info would be great.
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I would think it would be fine to give to your 10 month old. The stuff at the grocery store umm "meyenbergs" smells terrible though. You try giving him almond milk or soy milk. I actually tried the almond milk myself and I really liked it. But we do fresh cow's milk here.
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Hi, we did the goat milk thing and it worked for us (lots of allergies and eczema). We started off with Nanny Goats Formula at about 10 months, it comes from New Zealand but you should be able to get it somewhere. From around 14 months we used fresh pasturised goat's milk and at the advice of our naturopath, diluted it. Dd and now ds drink it no problem but we just cannot face the after taste - very goaty! We stick to rice milk and some soya milk and oat milk.

Now for the best of all! We all now drink raw SHEEP's milk, and its fantastic, rich & creamy with no nasty aftertaste and the kids are thriving on it. Sheep's milk is even closer to breast milk in composition than goat's but I'm not sure how available it is where you are!
Good luck!
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Personally I would not give ds goats or sheeps milk. But that is because he has an allergy to casein. Which is in the milk of most hoofed (sp?) animals.
Rice or soy is much better. If you are concerned about allergies go with the rice. It is the least allergenic. Good luck.
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Rice milk has very little nutrionaly value doesn't it?
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Cow's milk bad?

I started giving my dd whole organic cow's milk after 13 months. What horrible things can cow's milk do? I have never heard that before. Curious.
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If you really want to look....go to www.notmilk.com

I don't buy it all....we still drink a lot of cow's milk. The organic is great and we buy fresh....I get to make my own butter and get buttermilk from it too and it is lots cheaper then the store bought stuff.
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delicious meyenberg!

um meyenberg smells totally fine to me. Maybe whoever didnt like the smell has never smelled goat milk before? hmm.

anyway I private messaged you because I have been exclusively feeding my babe goat milk since she was 2 months old and I have a formula recipe for you and some tips..

Goat milk is a wonderful alternative to soy or other organic baby and toddler formulas/milks. We've had great success with it! Hope you enjoy it.
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I really encourage anyone who doesnt know about the bad things in cow's milk to check out that notmilk link. The milk industry is bad enough, but the product is pretty horrifying! Another good reason to get organic dairy products.
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thats the correct link.

okay i go now.
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I was the one that said that I didn't like the smell of the Meyenberg. I have had goats milk before and it didn't smell like the stuff I had....this stuff definately smelled like goat...

My grandpa's goats just had babies...they are soooo cute...wish I could post you all a picture....LOL
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Melissa, why do you want to give any kind of milk? Are you not bf at least a little?

The problem with GM is very low folate so if you do give it in significant quantities, Nanny formula from NZ is better than goat milk. Casein has already been mentioned. Third problem - no iron. Both iron and folate deficiencies can lead to anemia. Nanny not available - may be Floradix with iron liquid (expensive) as a supplement to goat milk?

Fourth concern - why give it straight? If you ever decide on goat milk, start with youghurt or goat cheese, both have gone through fermentation process and are more easily digestible. If your child tolerates fermented products well, then you may decide to move on to milk.

I gave my dd1 all of the goat products incl milk before she turned 1 (without problems and in insignificant quantities), but with her little sister, I was more educated and held out.
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I was just at Whole Foods yesterday, where they had a sign posted with info about goat's milk. According to them, goat's milk does have lactose in levels similar to cow's milk, but not casein. I was confused because that conflicted with what I had read here earlier in the day.
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I BF part-time because of work. I am not able to pump enough to give him while i am at work so i was looking for a substitute. Didn't want to give formula. The formulas that you mentioned, I've never herd of them. Are they simular to the national brands? I've read the labels on those and wouldn't give that stuff to my babe. Can you tell me more about your brands? and where to get them?
As for the lactose content. I also recently read that cows milk contains 4.7% lactose and goats milk contains 4.1%. Not as much of a difference as i had thought.
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oh yeah, Boston, thank you so much for the formula recipe. He seems to be doing quite well with it.
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Lactose is NOT a problem at this age. Your milk is full of lactose and if you child was one of the few with early lactose intolerance, gosh you would have known now!

Melissa, since you bf part-time. how about giving iron-rich foods instead of milk or formula?

NANNY is NOT available in the US and you would have to ship it from down under or from Europe, unless there is a source in the US I am not aware of.
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What about Folic Acid? Isn't that important too? What are some good sources of Folic Acid?
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Raw Spinach is a great source of folic acid.....don't know about cooked stuff....
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why would it differ? Are B-vitamins afraid of heat?
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goat milk formula recipe???

Could someone please be so kind to forward me the recipe. The only one that I have found online said to mix 1 can (12 oz) GM with one can of water and one tbsp of karo or molases. That sounded a bit watery to me.....
Anyway, I'd love the real recipe, and can it be made with cartoned Meyerberg GM? Thanks a million!
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