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Lil Bunz

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I have ordered from her several times her service is tops..Trisha price matches and has free shipping. Items have gotten to me very quickly and she is a super nice wahm. I love to shop at Lilbunz.com because she has everything instock its a great ALL IN ONE STOP STORE.. I definately recomend it for the huge selection, fast shipping and excellent service...
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I love shopping here. Tops in customer service - Trisha really goes the extra mile. The free shipping is great, and she price matches. Excellent product variety!
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Trisha is definately top notch! Excellent customer service, fast, and SUPER friendly. Thank you again for helping me out Trisha!!!!
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I want to agree with all the previous posts. Trisha is excellent to work with, fast, and friendly. I love the price matching and free shipping!
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Trisha is the best WAHM I have worked with!! I have placed several orders from her, and she is very fast, and her communication can't be beat! She has just about everything in her store, so you often don't need to look elsewhere. I highly recommend Trisha and lilbunz!!!
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Trisha is so great to work with- when we're looking for something new, she's always the first person I e-mail for help. She's very responsive, honest, helpful, and really sweet, too.

www.lilbunz.com is a great resource for our CDing needs and more.
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Whenever I have bought Happy Heinys, I have gone through her-- she is fantastic to work with and always ships quickly!
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I have ordered from Trisha several times as I have been building up my stash for my first little one. She has good prices, quick (free!) shipping, great communication and always has a good instock selection. I will definitely be ordering from her for a long time to come, she's great!

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I Love Lil Bunz too! Trisha gives the best customer service. She is great at answering questions and so warm and friendly. Plus her products are terrific. My favorite WAHM store!!!
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This is one of my favorite places to shop!!! Free and very fast shipping, great customer service, and good selection of diapering/natural products. Trisha is wonderful!!!
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Everything I need all in one place and if Trisha doesnt have and can get it, she does!
I loving buy from her. She's so sweet and is does her best to make her customers happy.
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I LOVE Lil Bunz! Trisha is always super responsive and fast to ship w/ FREE shipping! I've placed several orders with her (things ranging from diapering items to a breast pump) and have always been extremely happy.

Also, I recently purchased some of her hand-dyed prefolds and the colors are SOOO rich and gorgeous. Plus, I washed them in hot water and had left a white onesie in the wash with them, and there was no bleeding at all, not even with the red-dyed prefold.

Great service, great products, great WAHM!!!
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