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Oh Crud, I can't keep up! So busy right now, but hanging with you all quietly.
DLT, we are in the same boat. I am also doing natural IUI w/ prog. supp. I'm only on cd 3 because it takes me forever to get AF after prog.
BTW, Leah, DLT and others on prog., sometimes you can get a heavy AF after using them, all that thick lining.
I'm at the point where I don't know how I feel about any of this anymore. I cried every day from like Dec. to May and I'm out of that phase, but kind of numb really. More and more, I've been thinking maybe I won't ever have kids and the sooner I accept that possibility, the better quality life I can have. I don't know. It changes by the day.
Kiki, I have been doing acup./herbs since last July, though only every single week for the past 3 mths or so. I love it and think it's incredibly worthwhile.
Snowbell, Serious on do-it-yourself shots. That is truly a feather in your cap.

to all for July.

Thanks Biomama, for the new thread and keeping the last one.
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poetgirl - Firstly, THANK YOU for telling me the reason that AF was so bad this month! I knew it had to do with my last cycle.

Secondly, big to you. I understand how you are feeling and all I can say is don't give up, maybe if you're up to it, take a break. This totally messes with our emotions and it sucks! Keep your head up - and know we're here for you.

LiamsMommy31905 Glad you don't have Ahserman's. Sometimes the internet is a bad source as it gives TMI and can drive one mad. GL for you HSG. Let us know how you go.

biomama GL for your HSG too. Hope it goes ok.

I think we all need a big sprinkle of
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thanks everyone for the congrats!

biomama, you are really lucky to have a husband who knows how to give shots!

poetgirl, i've been thinking about you and hoping you are doing okay.
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My update - the results of my blood work look the same. They said my hormone levels are increasing, but very slowly!! I'm on CD 16 today!!! so I guess it's definitely going to be a much longer cycle than normal - and my normal is 33-35 days - how exciting for me : So back again on Friday for more blood.
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I'm here. I'm 4 dpo, IUI was this past saturday. Just hanging out. We have a vacation next week so hopefully that will keep me distracted...

: to everyone who needs it!

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Hi all,

I went to my regular doctor yesterday because the rash on my arms didn't seem like it was ever going to stop growing and he basically blew me off. Asked me a total of 1 question and then gave me a prescription for a topical cream. And then people wonder why i hate doctors. So basically i have no idea what caused it but it seems to be diminishing today thankfully. Now I only have a handful of red blister looking spots on one of my arms and I'm not as itchy anymore.

On the bright side I am done with injecting myself every night. Apparently I have too many follicles maturing and my RE is worried that when we do the IUI I may end up with 4 follicles that mature and fertilize. I basically had to beg them to wait for my blood work to come back before they trigger. They wanted to trigger this morning since only 2 follicles are mature and ready to go as of today. By tomorrow there might be 4. Still the size of the follicles seems small to me based on previous rounds of this. To be honest, I'm a little skeptical about what their true reason behind not wanting to wait a few more days is. They pride themselves on having the lowest triplet rate in the state or country or something like that. Every time I ask if the follicles are too small, can we wait I get this response "Well, you don't want to risk having triplets or more do you?" How is that an answer to my question?! ARG!

So now I wait for them to call and tell me what to do. Either way we should be doing the IUI's this weekend. If I don't strangle my doctor first that is...haha.

Good luck to all, it seems it's going to be a busy week and a half for almost everyone.
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How often after you trigger do you normally go in for your IUI???? Also, does anyone know if you can take Maca while you are on clomid?? There is another thread on Maca that i posted that on but never got any response. Does any one on here know??????? TIA
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EastbayK Hope your 2WW goes by quickly. It's great that you're going on vacation. Enjoy!!

kiki99 How annoying that the doctor didn't take much notice or concern for your rash, but good thing that it's going away. GL for your IUI, I hope there a just a couple of really good follies for you!

blueyezz4 Well, at my RE clinic, they do IUI 12 hours after trigger and I've spoken to a few other RE's that I know and they've never heard of that before. And all the research I've done, says they do it 30-36 hrs after. So this time I'm going to insist they do it 30 hrs after trigger.

What is Maca?
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I'd like to jump in on this thread if that's ok? We'll be doing an unmedicated IUI in about 2 weeks. Last cycle was really long for me, and I'm hoping this one is more 'normal'. This is technically my third IUI, however, the previous two didn't go so well (cervix was uncooperative the first time, and I O'd late the last time ). I'm really hoping things line up well this time, otherwise I might have to think about going to an RE for a medicated one...
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Originally Posted by blueyezz4 View Post
How often after you trigger do you normally go in for your IUI???? Also, does anyone know if you can take Maca while you are on clomid?? There is another thread on Maca that i posted that on but never got any response. Does any one on here know??????? TIA

As it turns out my RE wants me to give myself the trigger shot tonight and then come in at 8:30 tomorrow morning for my first IUI. Apparently my levels are high enough for them and they don't want to wait any longer. The last 3 IUI's I've done they triggered and then did two IUI's, one at about 24 hrs after the shot and then another at about 36. This is basically the same way it's going to work this cycle. I'm not sure how anyone else's doctor works but mine says that it could take up to 36 hours to ovulate after the trigger shot so they like to do one right before and then one after. Each time prior they do a vaginal u/s and check blood levels. I'm in the hopeful stage of my cycle today and i have all this nervous energy. I know i shouldn't be this hopeful, i've been disappointed so many times before but i can't help it....

As far as the Maca goes, I don't know what it is either, sorry.

Kim...good luck with ur 2ww, it's nice to have some sort of distraction at least. Enjoy the vacation!
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blueyezz4, i will get my IUI 36 hrs. after I trigger. I'm not sure what Maca is. Sorry I can't help.

kiki99, i'm glad that rash is going away!

Good luck with the hsg LiamsMommy and biomama!!
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by the way. what do you guys use as lube? we were using preseed but then our RE told us olive oil is fine. is that true?
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blueyezz4- I've had two of my IUI's about 24 hours after trigger. And both times I swear I felt myself O less than 2 hours later (wishful thinking???). I've heard that 36 hours is optimal, but I just go with what my RE says b/c it seems to be working.

I haven't heard about using olive oil as lube, but I guess it would work. I would try to get some extra, extra virgin, organic if I could though. That would be the lightest texture and most pure. Has any one googled it?

After work today, I have 10 days off!!! Hooray for me, I hope I come back .

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Well, AF started today and I'm supposed to go for some day 2 or 3 baseline test. That should be interesting to schedule. I guess it will have to be on Saturday. And then the first unmedicated IUI in - 14 days, I guess. I think I'm synched up with quasar (hello) and dandelionflowers, anyone else? It is kind of fun going through this together.

I think I'm getting the HSG, too along with the IUI.

Does anyone else keep trying to click TTC instead of the "infertility" forum? I just can't grok that concept with me. I keep thinking we are TTC (just with assistive technology).
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Thanks for answering my question about the trigger shot. For those who asked what maca is, here is some info below and just so you know, there is more info on it on the TTC area with it's own thread. I would assume it wouldn't affect me taking clomid since it says it doesn't interfere with medications or supplements, but I didn't know if anyone knew/heard differently. I'm off to do some searching. Anyways, here's the info...

"Maca, Lepidium meyenii, is an annual plant which produces a radish-like root. The root of maca is typically dried and stored, and will easily keep for seven years. The plant is cultivated in the Junin plateau of Peru's Central Highlands, and was highly revered by the Inca.

Maca has been shown to increase libido, sexual function and overall energy. Maca strengthens and balances the endocrine system of both sexes in the appropriate gender-specific manner. Its action focuses on the hypothalamus/pituitary axis, which governs the intricate and delicate hormonal system of our body. It does not contain any hormones. (Note: If you have herpes 1 or 2, avoid maca - it contains large quantities of l-arginine, which may aggravate flare-ups).

To date there are no known toxic side effects to Maca. It is a very safe food and just as a common potato or turnip would not interfere with medications or supplements, neither will Maca. In fact, Maca will assist the body in utilizing supplements to their optimum capacity as it helps to further digest and assimilate the nutrients.

To be consistent with Peruvian use you'd take a minimum of six to ten 500-milligram capsules or 1-2 tablespoons of powder daily, equal to 3,000 to 5,000 milligrams of maca. Remember that Maca is a food; less than 1500mg will likely not deliver desired results. (Note: the dose most often recommended is 1500-3,000 milligrams daily.)"

Source for the above: http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/supple...asure/faq.html
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updated to here (I think, let me know if you haven't been added, or if something has changed in your description).

I'm exhausted. I finished scheduling all my appointments next week. I have something every single day! HSG Monday, saline histosonogram Tuesday, U/S Wednesday, and likely IUIs Thurs and Fri. OMG.

This week was a nightmare too - appointment with GP to get referral, CD3 baseline U/S, bloodwork. Dealing with the new insurance has been super un-fun, especially since they haven't sent us the cards yet, so every appointment they are like, where is your card? You'll have to pay cash if you don't have your card, blah blah. I have to convince them to put in the info I have and bill it later. Annoying! At least insurance should cover these diagnostics. They'd better!

I'm feeling really stressed with all of this going on. DH just started his new job, so I never see him. I feel like I am never at work from all these appointments. I don't have anyone to drive me to my HSG, so I think I will just lie to them and drive myself. Is that really bad? I will just say I have someone to drive me, they aren't going to walk with me to the parking lot, right? Ug.

How is everyone else doing?
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EastbayK - hope you have a great holiday and break from work!

Welcome Ellien C - hope this month is your month too.

biomama - Sorry that you're feeling the pressure at the moment. Is the HSG close to you? If you driving yourself, I would wait around the hospital for a while, just so that you can rest and relax a bit. Just look after yourself.

Hopefully your busy week next week has good results at the end.

I went for another blood test this morning - seems to be part of my daily routine... and so we'll see what my levels are doing. They said that historically my levels slowly increase for a long time, and then all of a sudden, within 2 days, they will shoot right up and it will be time for trigger. I still haven't even gone for an u/s this cycle - but hopefully that will happen soon.
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Just a quick update:

Had my HSG this afternoon. It was SO not a big deal! The worst part was the anticipation....I felt absolutely NOTHING aside from *very minimal* cramps. My RE injected my cervix (didn't even feel it or know it was coming!) with an anti-spasmotic agent to keep it from cramping when the dye was injected. He rules.

Awesome news too: no adhesions, fibroids, polyps, or any other insult to the uterus. Both tubes were wide open.

Such a relief.

Official diagnosis: Unexplained secondary infertility.

BBL with personals. :
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yay Leah! Glad your HSG went so well and showed that everything is good! Great news.

I have mine Monday and am nervous. I know what you mean about the anticipation!

DLT are they measuring your estrogen? Or LH? It sucks to feel like a pin cushion, eh?

Ellien C, good luck this cycle! Sorry you have AF here though,

hi and hugs to everyone else, hope everyone is hanging in there.

Oh, Kim, have a great vacation!!
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biomama - I did a HSG at the very beginning of this whole process and I DEF agree, the anticipation was worse than anything else. They scare the crap out of you about it and although I can't say mine was pain free (but i'm a pansy) I did drive myself and had no issues. I actually went straight to work after. I do recommend taking two extra strength advil or something of that nature prior. My doctor also had me do a suppository (gross i know i'm sorry) 2 hours prior. Not really sure why to be honest. I know exactly what you mean about your scheduling nightmare. Most days I'm up at 6am running from multiple appointments then to work, then to at least one errand i forgot to do earlier in the week, and never home before 8pm. Hang in there...this too shall pass right?

UGH, it completely sucks to feel like a pin cushion. For almost a week straight, sometimes more depending on the cycle I was on i think i was being poked and prodded every single morning. It's becoming waaay too easy to get up on that table and find the stirrups...haha.

As for me, I had the first of my 2 IUI's this morning and the next one is scheduled for tomorrow morning. At least I get a week off from all the blood test. I swear people at work must think I'm a heroin addict with the amount of bruising there is on my arms. 2WW here I come....
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