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Originally Posted by Ellien C View Post
Well, AF started today and I'm supposed to go for some day 2 or 3 baseline test. That should be interesting to schedule. I guess it will have to be on Saturday. And then the first unmedicated IUI in - 14 days, I guess. I think I'm synched up with quasar (hello) and dandelionflowers, anyone else? It is kind of fun going through this together.

I think I'm getting the HSG, too along with the IUI.

Does anyone else keep trying to click TTC instead of the "infertility" forum? I just can't grok that concept with me. I keep thinking we are TTC (just with assistive technology).
i am currently in my 2ww, cd19-we're less than a week off! our iui should be on the 22. sorry about af!
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kiki99- holy cow!!!!! 3 IUI in two days...did I read that right???? Fingers crossed for you with this cycle.

biomama- your week coming up sounds crazy!! Take a deep breath... I know you will get through it!! We are all here to support you!!! I would have been fine driving home from my HSG but DH was able to go with me. I took like 3-4 ibuprofen before hand which I think really helped. Good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes.

LiamsMommy31905- Congrats on your clear HSG!!! Sounds like your dr did a good job!!! I know I felt the injection and that was about it with mine.

DLT- You poor thing!!! What cycle day are you on now??? : for a U/S soon!!!! Good luck
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Man it's great to know you're not alone with all this crazy TTC stuff. AF decided to make an appearance 4 days early. There may be a few factors for that. Including:
1. I drove from Texas to North Dakota on Sunday / Monday with my dog.
2. I'm staying at my parents.
3. I "forgot" my anti-depressants at home.
4. I just stopped taking Chantix.
5. My 20th HS Reunion is on Saturday.
6. Did I mention that I'm staying with my parents? (read: Mom)

Oh, and I'm incredibly anxious to get started with "Project: Tax Deduction". So tonight, I'm going to be ordering my donor specimen. And I'm going to leave an email for my doctor (and probably a voice mail) to let him know that my 12 day appointment date will be changing from the 18th to the 15th.

Best of luck to everyone! And greetings from North Dakota!

Edit: I just went back and reread a few things. I am in such my own little world some days.
It seems several of us has have synched up today. There may be a bit of a boom in the Early April EDDs. (Here's to hoping)
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LiamsMommy31905 - that is really great that your HSG was pain free. You're lucky and I'm sure you'e glad it's over. My diagnosis is the same as you, except it's just unexplained infertility.

biomama - I think they're measuring LH. Maybe you can tell me When I went for my last blood test my levels were at 250, and basically they triggered me last cycle at 1100, so hopefully my little hormones start jumping soon. come on buddies.....

Angi - Your post has made me laugh. I love the fact that staying at your parents is an issue - how funny!

blueyezz4 - I'm on CD18 and counting. Isn't that just ridiculous! : I should hear back from the doc in a couple of hours, and then will be scheduled to go back for another blood test and HOPEFULLY u/s.
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Originally Posted by DLT View Post

Angi - Your post has made me laugh. I love the fact that staying at your parents is an issue - how funny!
DLT - I'm glad I could make you laugh. : I try to find the brighter side fo things. You have also never met my mother. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother. But there is a reason she is in ND and I live in TX.
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Yet another update from me. My levels are still very low and there is no sign of me ovulating any time soon unfortunately. So the nurse is checking whether I can go back onto injectibles this cycle. I'll keep you all posted... (there is no icon for "pulling my hair out")
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And again.... I'm starting back on the injections from tomorrow. So this will be a medicated IUI - eventually.
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DLT, so sorry your hormones aren't cooperating. I hope you can save the cycle with the injectables and get a BFP!

Angi, how are you hanging in there? Sounds like quite a trip! GL with dealing with your mom!

kiki, good luck! I hope this is it for you! Now you just have to survive the 2ww, which is not easy

dandelionsrflowers - are you waiting for AF? Then starting your IUI cycle? I'm confused...

blueyezz4 - how are you doing?

snowbell, we were using preseed but our RE said not to use anything because we might be diluting out the sperm. It doesn't matter now since we don't really have sex during my fertile time anyway!

I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed today. DH is home now, and has two days off. He was sweet saying what a hero I've been getting all these appointments lined up. Of course I can't even complain to him because his job is so hard right now. He was on call for the first time as a resident and he didn't get a second of sleep for 30 hours, constant running around taking care of patients. Don't you think they should let the doctors sleep??? Crazy.
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biomama, that's sweet that your dh is acknowledging everything your doing. with his schedule being so crazy how does he get out of work to do a last minute iui?
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Angi- don't you just love parents?? I don't have any troubles with mine but I know a lot of my friends are always complaining about theirs so i can somewhat feel for you! No wonder why AF decided to show up early you have a lot on your plate!!

DLT- more shots for you huh... You poor thing, you really are going to feel like a pin cushion!! It will all be worth it in the long run. Sounds like your drs office gets back to you pretty quickly, at least it looks like that from the timing of your posts. I have found that having a more organized dr office actually calms my nerves some. Good luck. I agree, there really should be a "pulling your hair out" icon!!!!

biomama- Glad to hear that your DH is off work for a little awhile. That must be tough. I wouldn't be able to do it... I need my 7-8 hrs of sleep every night. I would be worthless if I had to pull all-nighters like those drs do. That can't be healthy either you wouldn't think.

I'm doing pretty well. I get my progesterone checked tomorrow for the first time so I'm really excited about that!!! I know it is kinda silly to be excited about, but it is the little things in life that make me happy with this whole TTC process. I guess i just feel like it is one less thing that could be preventing something from happening. I'm actually on CD 19 today I think it is, but O'd early this month for some reason so we will see. Last night I thought i was going to hurl after dinner, but I think it was b/c I ate way too much (love that Mexican food!!!), so we will see. One day at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWW is such a drag!!!!!!!!!
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Well. It's official. I put in the order this morning. It would have been yesterday, but CCB was closed.
I went with a blue-eyed, brown-haired Frenchman with a PhD in English. He's an open donor, so when the child turns 18, he has agreed to at least one contact. This company also has a sibling registry, which is kind of cool.

So, I go in for the u/s on the 15th. Probably have the IUI done on the 16th.

Here's to hoping.

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Angi, that's so exciting! Sounds like a very good choice.

blueyezz4, keep us posted on your progesterone! Any symptoms besides eating too much mexican? Maybe that's a sign of pg?

DLT, how are the injections going?

How is everyone else?

I'm totally confused by my temps this month. I have post-o temps right now... ??? I also just got my period back after having several days of no flow. I know there is no way I'm pg, so why are my temps so high? It's not hotter here than it has been, so it's not that. ???
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Angi, that is really exciting! I think brown hair and blue eyes is a very nice combo!
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Angi- Wow, a blue-eyed, brown-haired Frenchman with a PhD, sounds like a winner to me!!!! Good luck
I forget...are you doing a non-medicated IUI or with meds??

DLT- How are you doing??? Just thought I'd check on you to make sure you are still on board!!

Biomama- I looked at your chart and you are right, it is kinda wacky!! I was hoping maybe that you are prego, but I guess your temps wouldn't be that low right? I won't get my prog. results back until Monday and also had to have my Cystic Fib. bood work done at the same time. Almost forgot about that one!! That won't be back until Thurs I think, but i have no worries about that one b/c there isn't any in our family as far as I know. Don't think that my increased hunger is a prego. sign but who knows. I kinda don't pay attention anymore b/c I feel like I'm over analyzing every little symptom I have then AF shows up.

So here is another question for you ladies who have already had an/several IUI's in the past... I'm trying to figure out this whole schedule and I kinda want to take the day of the IUI off and the day after (my job can be kinda physical at times) off of work. So how many days on average after having your CD 12 U/S (then possible trigger shot) was it before you had your IUI? I know it is kinda a hard question to answer b/c you won't know until that U/S to see where the follicles are and I know everyone is going to be different, but for you what has been your experience for timing I guess is what I'm looking for. I'm not one that likes to call off work, but I haven't been able to tell my boss b/c she likes to talk so I don't feel comfortable telling her what is going on right now (even though i really wish I could) but I do have the time to take so I thought maybe I could work it out on my own with the days off just at the right spot (it would be a miracle i realize if it works right- the days that is!). One more thing... anyone know how long they say that implantation takes after you have an IUI? Has anyone every heard an actual number??? Is it usually within a day or two, i would think? TIA
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Biomama- your high temps are probably from the clomid. It happens to me and I think it's happened to a few others before too.

blueyezz4- implantation is usually days 6-10 or so. It takes a few days for the egg to travel down the tubes to the uterus. In my IUI's, we triggered on day 12 and did the IUI on day 13. But if your eggs aren't ready yet, it won't happen. You really can't predict anything until the ultrasound. GL

I'm off for a few days of vacation!
http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/165d5b- hopefully my temp stays up!

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biomama - how nice of your DH to be so supportive. Every bit helps Sorry your temps are all over the place. I sure hope they settle themselves down soon so you know where you stand.

Angi - your selection sounds great!

EastbayK - enjoy your vacation.

My Update - Sorry I haven't been online the past couple of days. I'm definitely still on board!! The injections are going fine. It's quite funny as these ones now don't phase me in the least. I feel like a pro and I've only done one cycle before

So I'm on CD21 now, but only really on D5 because I've take the injections for 2 days now. I go back on Thursday for another blood test and we'll see if my follies are starting to co-operate. If I compare it to last cycle, I should have IUI done mid-next week.
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Originally Posted by biomama View Post

dandelionsrflowers - are you waiting for AF? Then starting your IUI cycle? I'm confused...
i am currently in my 2ww with af expecting to arive on thursday. our first iui (unmedicated) will be later this month if we don't get a bfp. i don't expect that we will because everything is just as it has been for over 2 years. i'm told my chart looks good, but it's a major bummer every month.

ms. negative, aren't i?
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Kim, you are totally right! Thanks for explaining it. My temps have gone down since my last day of clomid, so I'm convinced that was it. Have a great vacation!!! (are you still updating your chart, so we can chart stalk?) I hope you come home with good news!

dandelionsrflowers, I know exactly what you mean... it's so hard to have this wait every month and bad news every time. I find it has been helpful to keep planning for the next cycle, so that when we are disappointed again, we know what we are going to do. I always hope that we won't need our plan, but so far we've needed it. Think how amazing it will be when we don't, right? Then we'll need our pg plan, our birth plan, etc. It will happen, eventually!

DLT, congrats on getting so good at injecting yourself! That's great. You should be proud of yourself. GL and keep us posted!

blueyezz4, thanks for looking at my chart. I think it is settling down now that I've stopped the clomid. I wonder what doxycycline will do to it? Ug.
I don't know what to tell you for the IUI... it depends on what they see in the U/S. I have had my IUI the day of triggershot and U/S (because I'd already ovulated), and I've had it the day after. Are you using OPKs? I get my own LH surge that I can detect, which gives me an idea of what the next day will bring. I use the kit (actually I use the CBE fertility monitor) in the afternoon, so it reflects more what is happening that day, rather than the day before. That's what my RE told me to do. GL!

How's everyone else? snowbell? angi? kiki? leah? who am I forgetting?

I leave for my HSG in 30 minutes... I'm so nervous!!! Deep breaths...
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blueyezz4 - I'm doing an unmedicated IUI. In fact I need to call the doctor in a few minutes to set the appointment for the u/s.

Enjoy the vacation EastbayK!

Dandelionflowers: You'll be in my thoughts. I'm hoping for stickies for you!

And for some news that is not about me (amazing, I know) I just found out a friend of mine is pregnant after TTC for 2 years with her husband! She almost miscarried a couple of weeks ago, but was immediately put on bedrest for a week, and is doing okay now. She can't lift anything over 10 lbs for the next few months, but I'm hoping and praying everything is going to work this time. Her and her husband are going to be the most awesome parents.

So, if I could get some good vibes Nancy's way? Thanks ladies!
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Hello Ladies,

biomama, good luck today!! By the time you read this you'll probably be done so I hope it all went well and it wasn't as terrible as you thought.

angi, I have blue eyes and my husband has dark hair, we're hoping for the same combo you picked. Sounds beautiful to me! GL this cycle!

dandelionsrflowers, I'm 5 days into my 2WW and i'm not "Ms Positivity" either so I understand how you feel but biomama is right - it will happen eventually. I know easier said than done, but at least you know that you're not the only one feeling like this. Maybe that helps...

DLT, how are the injectables going for you? I had absolutely no fun on them, hope yours is going better than mine went.

As for me...i'm still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I go back to the doctor on thursday for a progesterone test and then there's only one more week after that until my pregnancy test. I hate waiting...

oh I do have a question if one of you ladies who monitors their temp could answer for me. I've never monitored my temps but figured it would give me something to do and keep me occupied both now and next cycle (if we have to go there). Could you tell me, does it matter what time of day you take your temp? When is the most ideal?
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